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Friday, February 16, 2024

A Review on Jared Goetz Ecom Hacks Academy Coaching Program


The Ecom Hacks Academy Coaching Program by Jared Goetz is all about drop surfing, which is a part of the dropshipping system. You’ll learn the practice of having multiple suppliers or vendors lined up for the products you sell, so you’ll get the best shipping and product prices.


In this post, you’ll learn more about Ecom Hacks by Jared Goetz, and get an honest review of this coaching program.


Ecom Hacks Modules  


In 2017, the store of Jared Goetz was tagged as the largest growing Shopify store. So, it’s worth learning how this man became successful through the Ecom Hacks Academy coaching program. There are four modules in Ecom plus a bonus section.


Here are the modules included in Ecom coaching program:


  • Module One (Structure): This module allows you to log into Jared Goetz’s Shopify to show and inspire you through some numbers and successful products from the store. It’s stated explicitly on the program that testing is crucial before you find your winning product. Also, you’ll learn how to set a Shopify store, buy a domain, get a phone number, how to set up an email support, different payment methods, shipping rules, and meta descriptions.


  • Module Two (Set Up a Store to Convert): It is a large module section with 16 videos, wherein you’ll learn the $5,000,000 theme or “Shoptimized.” You can purchase a single license for the theme or one store focusing on conversions for $167, up to a total of 10 license options for $597. While Jared used the theme to make millions of dollars in sales, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will, but the eCom Turbo is an excellent way to increase your conversion rate.  


  • Module Three (Products): You’ll get a higher level of overview of the important things to look for in the products you’ll sell in your Shopify store. You’ll find videos to help you how to add products to your Shopify store, where to search for products, and process order fulfillment.


  • Module Four (Advertising): It’s all about Facebook Advertising. It doesn’t include any other forms of digital marketing strategies like Pinterest, Google Ads, or Instagram.


Learning Experience


If you want to be successful in drop surfing or generally in dropshipping, this solid course will provide you with a positive learning experience to achieve success. You’ll learn from Jared Goetz who became a millionaire at the age of 26.


Here are the things you’ll learn about drop shipping from the man who created the eCom course:


  • Learn from Jared who knows what he wants, a very straightforward speaker, and walks what he talks.
  • You’ll learn dropshipping and drop surfing with a unique twist so you can promote your products quickly and effectively, getting them to sell like hotcakes.
  • This course will help you start your profitable eCommerce store.




The Ecom Hacks Academy is priced at $1,999, and the start-up cost is $1,000. You have to remember that you also have to pay the advertising starting costs, so you have to weigh the full costs first before making a final decision. Jared highly recommends a minimum budget of $1,000 for your first ever Facebook ad campaign.


Is it worth it? With the initial or upfront and advertising costs, eCom may not be affordable or feasible for everyone. However, if you have the money to spend, most especially on Facebook ads, you’ll get a lot of money once you get it right.


Ecom Hacks Group


Once you become a member of Ecom Hacks Academy, you will have access to the company’s Facebook group. Of course, you can take advantage of belonging in the Ecom group by asking questions and getting the best answers through training and anything concerning running an online store. You’ll find Jared and other coaches helping people and providing support, most especially if you’re just starting out.


Here are the pros and cons of Ecom Hacks Academy:



  • Make money by setting up an eCommerce business using a proven method
  • Pretty handy eCom Product Finder
  • Learn about creating appealing product descriptions, listing, and more



  • Expensive because of Facebook Ads
  • Drop surfing is a concept to make the program more “hyped”




Dropshipping involves a large sum of capital to start with because the benefits are long-term, and Ecom Hacks by Jared Goetz can help you. Doing everything alone is very risky for a newbie, but if you have someone like Jared to guide you, then you’ll have a higher chance to succeed in your eCommerce business.