A tale of two states: India and Pakistan

According to Mustafa Khan, till today instead of fighting terrorism, India is submerged in a dare deviltry to let no one bother about the past. It does not care for the dossiers that Pakistan had sent.

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The two countries of the subcontinent need to learn from each other, India and Pakistan. It boils down to how Pakistan has to respond to the US letter demarche given to it. And how Nagpur police are searching for lawyer Satish Uke’s house located in the Parvati Nagar area of the city around 6 am amid tight security by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). HM Amit Shah had jumped the gun when he cheerfully complimented the force who has been till then been dealing with unrest in Kashmir valley.

He claimed that it is not needed now. As Indian democracy is entering into a dormant state as every election like roulette comes to BJP win mark. They are in hurry to search for whatever residual proof of complicity in the collecting illegal and hence the criminal collection of kickbacks that Sohrabuddin and his aides were doing for Shah the home minister for state and the Home Minister and CM Narendra Modi once upon a time.

Dr. Loya was offered 100 crores to absolve them but he did not rise to the bait. Hence, his murder in a manner of sleight of hand the duo “the duke and the king” of Mark Twain’s none such show. Their financial sleight of hand of the worst sort even boldened Modi to dare Sonia Gandhi to put him on trial.

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Understanding the matter better

In the vogue of The Kashmir Files new opportunities are cropping up in the aftermath of a Texas pandit of diaspora claiming huge amounts in dollars for being forced to leave Kashmir. Now a tender-aged girl killed in Malegaon 2008 bomb attacks, also has parents who must ask for compensation. Pakistan also had 400 drone attacks which cry for compensation.

Who will redress the loss of life of Sohrabudden and his wife, etc? Those who pocketed the hefty illegally collected amount include Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Now it is an open book that Nawaz Sharif had been meeting Narendra Modi which amounts to treason in the high places. It was not just biryani that the PM of India had gone to Sharif’s house to relish.

It is relevant that the central government had sent a senior police officer from Delhi to investigate about three who had financed the bombing. Till today instead of fighting terrorism, India is submerged in a dare deviltry to let no one bother about the past. It does not care for the dossiers that Pakistan had sent. Imran Khan is academically qualified by his foreign university and so is his security adviser Moeed Yusuf. Till then the holy grail search of the degree of MA of PM Modi.

The two countries have two politicians one of who studied at Oxford in politics and international relations. Married two women. His counterpart in India did not go to meet his bride Jashodaben and concealed his marital status until a right to information act revealed that he had actually married his wife but did not declare it while filing his nomination.  So the choice is yours to make.

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India and Pakistan have common betrayers Mir Jafer and Mir Qasim who contrast with Nawab Nirajudawala and Tipu Sultan. “Let me inform my nation that my life is at risk too, they have also planned for my character assassination. Not only myself but my wife too!


Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.

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