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Thursday, February 15, 2024

A tiny old fashioned “mutiny” by Indian sailors on a ship

A fight broke out on INS Sandhayak, India’s survey ship, where four young Indian recruits got into an argument with senior officers leading to a fight with him. They were airlifted to shore after charges of insubordination.

INS Sandhayak was on its routine patrol in the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday. The incident has been reported by the Navy as “incident of insubordination”.

The young sailors were accused of reporting late for duties, disobeying direct orders and not bringing the survey boats on board when asked. The fight broke out when they were intervened by officers.

When reprimanded and asked to stand to attention one of the sailors, it is alleged, started deliberately slouching. The senior officer went up to him and touched him trying to hold him upright.

Enraged at being touched, the slouching sailor hit his senior and then his fellow colleagues joined in, beating up the officer. Security teams were informed and a helicopter was brought in to remove the sailors from the ship. They now face disciplinary action.

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In a statement, the Navy said the ship “has reported an incident of insubordination involving young sailors yesterday”. The statement also went on to clarify that it was not a “mutiny”, since it did not involve a rebellion by the entire crew of the ship.

Regarding this incident the statement said, “The Indian armed forces are known for maintaining very high standards of discipline. An inquiry has been ordered into the incident because there is no scope for tolerance for such incidents.”

Further, he said, “The ship was directed to disembark the personnel involved in the incident to facilitate the progress of investigation before it resumed its assigned task.”

The INS Sandhayak has resumed its operations. It conducts shallow coastal and deep oceanic surveys and collects oceanographic and geophysical data.