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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A trustworthy beauty product with a message of women empowerment

Hamdard’s new TVC campaign is centered on its potent beauty product Safi and has made waves with its inspirational message focused on women empowerment. The TVC encourages youngsters and women to get past the bitterness of the potion and enjoy its nutritional benefits for the skin.

Hamdard Pakistan has a rich legacy of providing herbal healthcare and wellness products for over 100 years in the subcontinent, and it has cemented its roots throughout India, Pakistan and other countries across the world. Hamdard stands unparalleled in its innovation and quality control, and is one of the most trustworthy brand when it comes to herbal health and wellness.

Hamdard has recently emerged on digital media with its impressive new TVC campaign centered on its flagship brand Safi, a powerful beauty supplement that is characterized by its bitter taste. For over 80 years, Hamdard’s Safi has been a household product, and time and again, Hamdard has taken the initiative of addressing the bitter taste conundrum through its campaign messages and advertisements.

Message of Women Empowerment

Hamdard’s Safi is famous for purifying the blood, detoxifying from deep within and bringing out natural shine and radiance in the outer layers of the skin. With their new TVC, promoted across TV, Radio, and social media platforms, Hamdard sends out a strong message of women empowerment, urging them to cherish their bodily health and detoxify to eliminate toxins and shine as their best selves.

Revolving around three women, the new Safi TVC explores the lives and hassles of modern-day women and encourages them to go the extra mile in pursuit of their passions. The new TVC does a splendid job of breaking stereotypical portrayals of women and portrays their struggles of adapting to novel professions and combatting all challenges in their lives.

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It shows one woman focused on car restoration work, while another is penetrating the male-dominated realm of football, making her country proud in the global arena. The TVC also shows a woman as an entrepreneur who runs her own catering business. The underlying message is to present Safi as a trustworthy product that helps women eliminate their beauty woes and shine with the confidence that comes from high self-esteem.

Face Banega Great

Hamdard also launched a similar campaign in India for its best-selling product Safi, in the form of a TV and digital media promotions, to spread the message, “Taste karoge hate, face banega great”.

The campaign is focused on opening up a conversation with the youth and millennials, urging them to get past the bitter taste of the products and realize the striking benefits that it has to offer. It urges them to adopt a more practical approach towards achieving their health and wellness goals and adapting to the bitter taste in order to obtain the benefits that Safi has to offer.

In this campaign, Hamdard touches upon the age of rebellion and focuses upon the word “hate” which is a common word in their vocabulary and offers a powerful lesson that the things we hate are actually beneficial for us. Throughout the recently released ‘Face banega great’ TVC, Hamdard sheds light on the drawbacks of hate, and fusing it with the idea of enduring the hate to enjoy the benefits of clear skin.

The TVC plays around with multiple scenarios of everyday life, daily depicting the routine of a modern woman attempting to carve out a harmonious balance. It shows us the mundane and hateful everyday tasks like waking up early in the morning to attend important meetings, hitting the gym after an exhausting day, working extra hours, attending boring lectures and so on.

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Throughout each scenario, the TVC focuses on the lesson that all the things that we absolutely hate are essential to facilitate our progress and allow us to move towards our goals unhindered. It reflects an important message that even though Safi has an awfully bitter and unpleasant taste, it is immensely useful in naturally combatting common skin ailments and boosting one’s self-confidence.

Hamdard’s Safi

Hamdard’s iconic product Safi boasts over 28 different natural ingredients that work to beautify the skin from the inside out by purifying the blood. Safi begins purifying the blood from the liver, thyroid, and other bodily organs by eliminating all toxins that are the true culprits behind acne, scars, and blemishes.

It contains neem, which is an active blood purifying agent, alongside chiraita, which eliminates toxins, Senna, which purifies the stomach, and Tulsi, which enhances the circulation of blood. Together, all 28 natural ingredients allow Safi to purify the skin and bestow it with a natural radiance.

The Hamdard team’s new TVC has attempted to reach out and connect with the youth, and use the concept of hate to send a strong message to the millennials-one that they can relate with. The Face banega great campaign plays around emotions and reflects that all bitter milestones and unpleasant journeys lead us towards greatness. It reflects that even though we may hate the bitter taste of Safi, we cannot help but admire its ability to purify us from the inside out.

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The new campaign dwells on the agenda of opening up a communication with the youth on the bitter taste of Safi and allowing them a comprehensive understanding of why the bitter taste is a necessary ingredient for their wellness and beauty goals. The uncluttered and fresh concept of the new TVC has reached out and spoken to the youth, setting a new example in Hamdard’s typical advertising strategies.