Aamir Liaquat Hussain slams Karachi traffic warden in viral video

Amir Liaquat Hussain accuses traffic police in Karachi of looting people during the lockdown. He also hurled abuses at the traffic police warden. Some social media users supported Amir Liaquat, while others criticized him for misbehaving with the policeman.

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A video of PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat Hussain has gone viral on social media in which he is seen shouting at a traffic police warden in Karachi on Monday.

The video shows Liaquat lashing out at the traffic warden. When being asked about the video, he claimed that the traffic police in Karachi are looting people during the lockdown. He said that policemen are demanding money from the people in the name of COVID-19 certificates. The MNA added that he will not allow traffic police to fleece money from the people of his constituency.

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In an interview, he added that the role of the police is of paternal nature, it is to protect the citizens, not to harm them. Later, Aamir Liaqat Hussain had released a video message on Twitter addressing the CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah. The video said that, “What is your government doing on Karachi’s roads? Please ensure this stops or citizens will grow agitated.”

Amir Liaquat’s misbehavior

Liaqat looked extremely angry in the viral video to the point where he hurled abuses at the traffic police warden. A score of people gathered around them and filmed the incident. Some social media users supported him while others criticized him for misbehaving with the policeman.

Karachi has been under coronavirus lockdown. The provincial government has made it mandatory for people to carry their COVID-19 vaccine cards with them before coming out on roads.

Traffic police officers have not submitted a petition at the Ferozabad Police Station for legal action to be taken against the MNA. According to their statement, he kept disturbing the traffic police officer by accusing him of harassing people and when the officer came forward, he started shouting at him.

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He said he resisted when the traffic police warden stopped a motorcyclist. He hit the government vehicle, pushed the officers, and used abusive language.




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