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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Aamir Liaquat Posts Valima Pictures With His New Wife

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Controversial Pakistani host Aamir Liaquat has gone and tied the knot a second time by marrying  Syeda Tuba Aamir. The news was confirmed by Aamir Liaquat Hussain himself on Twitter who posted a candid shot of him with his wife and captioned it “There is a reason why two people stay together. They give each other something nobody else can.  We Tied The Knot.”

His wife is 23 years his junior and is said to be the Manager for Corporate Affairs in some news channel. It is reported that he met his wife during the Ramadan transmission of the show and it is where the two got close. The couple had a private Nikah after which they decided to have a Valima ceremony to invite their friends. His marriage to Syeda Tuba Anwar was confirmed back in July so the late Valima is considered quite odd.

At the gathering were CEO Shoaib Shaikh as well as the Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail. The prolific host is already married to Bushra Aamir and has two kids with his wife. The PTI MNA will no doubt be under fire for his wedding pictures considering he was just recently trolling Deepika Padukone’s wedding pictures and fighting with random people on the Internet.

The televangelist was also charged with violating the court’s order which restricted him from carrying out defamatory campaigns and partaking in/or hosting questionable TV shows. Of course this isn’t the first time Hussain has been under fire. Just this May the politician was asked to refrain from creating religious controversies on his shows and has been banned a number of times from coming on screen.

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His tenacity to stir up arguments and stunts done for shock effect on live TV have given him a bad reputation. In fact, Amnesty International spoke out against the Government of Pakistan last year for not taking action against Hussain, particularly because of his reckless statements and call to action were endangering journalists.

His Ramadan show on Bol TV was banned when it incited serious debates between Ulema and the game show hosts’ Facebook page was banned earlier this year. His indictment and turbulent history as a talk show host only serve to remind people of why he is a strange pick for a PTI candidate. Hopefully, his new marriage proves to be more fruitful than his political and entertainment career.