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Monday, September 18, 2023

Abdul Qadir Patel gives bizarre advice to couples wanting more babies

He passed these statements while talking about the importance of family planning and birth control in an event.

On Monday, Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel gave bizarre advice to couples wanting more babies.

During an event, Abdul Qadir addressed the issue of couples who want more children and advised them to move to countries where there is less Muslim population- so that the Muslim population increases there. He passed these statements while talking about the importance of family planning and birth control in an event.

The health minister though expressed satisfaction that the religious scholars are cooperating with him in this regard. He stressed that there should be greater awareness among the masses about family planning in order to keep a check on population growth. Qadir said that the government is willing to provide better health services to the people.

He mentioned about the conspiracy theories related to family planning and vaccination against polio and COVID-19 are not acceptable in Islam.

Patel shared his personal experience at the event. He said many people are still reluctant to get vaccinated. “In my neighborhood, someone refused to get vaccinated after which a doctor contacted me to convince that individual. I went to that person, who was 73 years old and tried to convince him that he should get vaccinated. But his concern was that after getting the vaccine, he may not be able to have children,” he said.

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However, statement of Abdul Qadir Patel giving solution to couples for more babies are making rounds on social media. Netizens are bewildered over the unique solution given by the health minister.

It is noteworthy to mention that his appointment as the health minister was greatly debated on social media. People asked about his credentials and experience to head an important ministry like health. The current government, however, decided to retain him as the health minister despite backlash and criticism. The government argued that he is a competent man to lead the health ministry of Pakistan.