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Thursday, February 15, 2024

AC Bannu invites street kids to his ‘valima’

In one of a kind wedding, Assistant Commissioner Usman Ashraf spends his Valima with the street kids of EOTO Foundation as a gesture of kindness.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s district Bannu, Usman Ashraf and his wife Dr. Natasha Rizwan tied the knot recently and decided to invite kids from EOTO Foundation as guests to their Valima instead of family or friends.

Each One Teach One Street Children (EOTO) is a Foundation based in Gujrat that works on providing education, health and food facilities to people living in slums in and around Gujrat.

Speaking to Urdupoint, Usman disclosed that he is friends with the owner of the Foundation which is why he has been associated with the kids. Since the Covid-19 SOP’s restricted weddings to small gatherings, the couple decided to celebrate their marriage with the kids who deserve love and attention the most in our society.

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Their act has been acknowledged by people from all over Pakistan who have been lauding the decision and congratulating the couple on such a kind gesture. Blessings and prayers have also been pouring in for the couple for a happy life ahead.

Usman also said that his family has been very understanding and were in full support of his decision.

“Some of the relatives were offended that they weren’t invited to the Valima. I believe one should invite as many people as one can but at the same time, we shouldn’t forget about these people that have already been marginalized by the society” he added

The couple also gave gifts to all the kids invited and planted trees in the vicinity of the NGO to mark their special day.

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When asked about the reaction of his fellow batch mates and other friends, Usman commented that all of them have been very understanding and were more than happy when they found out that he has decided to spend his event with the kids.