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Friday, July 19, 2024

Accidental grenade explosion kills policemen in Karachi

The explosion occurred after police officers pulled the pin off a grenade they had taken outside for checking.

A grenade explosion took place inside the police headquarters in Karachi’s Garden area, the media reported. Two policemen died and two others sustained injuries after the hand grenade went off.

According to the details, the explosion took place inside the ammunition depot of the police headquarters. One of the policemen succumbed to his injuries on the spot while one other died while being treated at the hospital. The martyred cops were identified as constables Sabir and Shahzad, while the injured person was the arms depot in-charge, inspector Saeed.

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The police said that they have cordoned off the incident site and a bomb disposal squad has been summoned to ascertain how the grenade went off at the arms depot in the police headquarters.

An investigation is underway to determine the nature of the blast however preliminary reports state it was an accidental explosion. South Deputy Inspector-General Asif Aijaz Sheikh told the media that the explosion occurred after police officers pulled the pin off a grenade they had taken outside for checking. It is being investigated why the grenade was bought out of the arms depot.

Accidental grenade explosion

This is not the first time that a hand grenade went off accidentally. In 2016, a policeman in Karachi accidentally exploded a bomb in an anti-terrorism court after attempting to demonstrate a grenade detonator to the judge.

The anti-terror court in Karachi had been shown evidence against a man accused of fighting police. Among the weapons captured at the time of his arrest and displayed in court were heavy weapons, hand grenades, and explosives.

The policeman demonstrated the ease with which the pin could be removed from the detonator just after assuring the court that the device had been defused. Immediately the grenade went off, injuring those present in the courtroom. The explosion sparked panic in the rest of the building, where other anti-terrorism cases were taking place.

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