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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Adeel Chaudhry becomes first Pakistani connoisseur to feature in Forbes

Adeel was also included in the top five Muslim food connoisseurs in the world in 2019.

Social media influencer Adeel Chaudhry has become the first Pakistani connoisseur to feature in the internationally-acclaimed Forbes Magazine.

The owner of the restaurants Janoon and Bohat Alla has become the most-viewed Pakistani food vlogger in 2022 with millions of views. Adeel Chaudhry shared the news with his fans and followers on being recognized by Forbes.

I ‘Humbled and can’t be more thankful to Allah and my followers for this achievement and for ending this year being Proudest Pakistani. First Pakistani Food Connoisseur ever to be featured in the worlds Leading Magazine. Thank you @forbes for recognizing Pakistani Cuisine as one of the best in the world and featuring a proud Pakistani and thank you @sonja.rehman for penning down an amazing article.

“Divided by Borders united by Food. A big step towards my goal of putting Pakistani Food and its culture on the global map through #bohatalaa Pakistani cuisine with hundreds of millions of views internationally” said Chaudhry in a social media post.

“And a big shout out to all the amazing Chefs, Content Creators, and hard-core foodies Of Pakistan for doing amazing work to promote Pakistani food and my Followers you all are #bohataala” he concluded his message.

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Felicitations poured in for Adeel Chaudhry on social media. While talking to Forbes, Adeel Chaudhry said: “My mother has always been a good cook and my father loves eating, so it was a winning combination from the start,” he chuckles, while sitting in his restaurant, Junoon, in Lahore. “My mother would prepare lots of rich Pakistani food daily for our family and I think that’s where my taste and appetite for gastronomy developed.”

Adeel was also included in the top five Muslim food connoisseurs in the world in 2019. “Pakistani food doesn’t get the credit it deserves and I want to change that. Our cuisine is not only original, it’s also evolving. Besides, it gives outsiders an insight into what we’re like as people: friendly and very hospitable,” said Adeel while talking about his aim to promote Pakistani food.