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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Adnan Malik wants entertainment industry to redefine ‘masculinity’

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Cake movie actor Adnan Malik in his latest interview to BBC Asian Network said there is a need to redefine the concept of masculinity in Pakistani films and TV. As people tend to identify themselves with the characters, the diversification in male characters will help them respect women more.

“People now base their sense of selves and identities based on the TV shows they watch or what they see on the internet or movies. So you need to have these kinds of role models”, said Malik.

Malik stressed that male characters should be portrayed with a balanced approach that will probably help the viewers to reflect upon their behavior that can bring a positive change in the society.

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He said male characters should be strong enough that they do not assert themselves. Also, there should be men who are okay with women saying no to them, and men who are sensitive for their mothers and sisters, being portrayed in the entertainment industry.

“I will play characters that I feel morally aligned to. If I am doing something that is misogynistic, I will definitely have second thoughts,” Malik shared.

A drama serial ‘Khani’ recently came under attack from viewers for similar reasons as makers have attempted to portray a ‘killer’ who wants to acquire his romantic interest by force, a protagonist.

The actor’s statement holds greater relevance in the wake of recent sexual harassment scandal of former Patari CEO Khalid Bajwa who resigned after proofs of sexually harassing women emerged against him.

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Another example of misogynistic behavior includes the politicians that openly harass fellow women politician. Such was an example of Provincial Minister Imdad Patafi who passed misogynistic remarks on the member of Sindh Assembly, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi during a session.

Themes like oppressed women and extra-marital affairs dominate the prime-time serials. Rape is often romanticized in the drama industry. Instead of communicating gloomy messages the platform can be utilized to transmit a decisive change in the society.