Adnan Sami gets trolled in a unique fashion

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Indian Singer Adnan Sami, a former Pakistani is encountering huge backlash from the netizens in Pakistan as he turned up to appreciate the Indian Air Force for conducting a second fake surgical strike in Balakot, KP, Pakistan.

On February, 26th Indian Air Force jets breached the airspace of Pakistan and claimed to have conducted an air strike on the alleged training camps of Jaish-e-Muhammad in Balakot. According to unverified claims of Indian Air Force, approximately 300 militants were killed in the bombing.

Adnan Sami was spotted cheering the Indian Air Force and backed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his aggressive strategy towards Pakistan and terrorism.

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Adnan Sami soon started encountering backlash from Pakistani Twitterati, who mocked him for chanting Jai Hind slogans despite having Pakistani origin. His father was said to be a valiant officer of Pakistan Air Force.

The trolls from Pakistan have declared him a covert spy of Pakistan’s top intelligence agency ISI. They have started a campaign against him calling him a Pakistani spy in India serving his country. Some social media user participating in the trolling stated that Adnan Sami shared the intelligence information about Indian jets that helped Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian jets.

Earlier, responding to the Pakistani trolls Adnan Sami, stated that, “Dear Pak trolls, It’s not about your egos being given a reality check today; it’s about eliminating terrorists who you ‘claim’ are also your enemies! Your Ostrich mentality is laughable. By the way, your abuses expose your reality and therefore the only difference between you and a bucket of rubbish is the bucket!”

Adnan Sami shunned his Pakistani nationality and took Indian Citizenship in 2016. Even several Pakistani celebrities including Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid also took part in trolling singer Adnan Sami on Twitter.