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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Pakistani actors to work with Ertugrul director to develop Pakistani film industry

Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saaed signed an agreement with the director of popular Turkish drama series Ertugrul

Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saaed signed an agreement with the internationally popular Turkish serial Dirilis Ertugrul’s director to develop Pakistan’s entertainment sector.

Siddiqui took to his Instagram and Twitter to inform about the development of his fans and followers. He said that Tekdin films, the name behind Ertugrul, will be working with Pakistan’s TRT Films. He added that he, along with Saeed, will be overlooking “pre, on-going and post-production activities of this collaboration.”

“As millennials say, “super stoked” to bring to you a partnership that transcends borders. Pakistan and Turkey have joined hands in a collaboration between Dr. Kashif Ansari’s Ansari films, TRT films, and Mr. Kamal Tekdin’s Tekdin Films to usher in a fresh era in the Pakistani industry. The new venture has also got on board yours truly and Humayun Saeed as an extended arm, which means both of us will be taking care of all the pre, on-going, and post-production activities of this collaboration,” he wrote.

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“For the uninitiated, Tekdin Films is the name behind the blockbuster ‘Diriliş Ertuğrul’. I have always believed that art should be free from the shackles of international and geopolitical boundaries. This is my small step towards that,” wrote Siddiqui on his Instagram account.

Siddiqui visited Turkey

In October, Siddiqui visited the tomb of Turkish warrior Ertugrul Ghazi in Sogut on his trip to Turkey.

The actor disclosed on his social media that he was visiting Turkey for a shoot and has been taking some time off to roam around the country.

Siddiqui, who has been keeping fans up to date on social media about his latest visit, disclosed that he paid a visit to the famous tomb of the warrior, Ertugrul Ghazi in Sogut – a small town in the Bilecik province of Turkey.

Live on Instagram, the actor shared a video of the monument. He wrote, “One must be marooned on an island to not know about Ertuğrul Ghazi now that he’s moved out of boring history books to the legendary Turkish series Ertuğrul.”

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He went on to add: “So much is the frenzied fan following in Pakistan that the period drama captures most of the conversations these days. So here I was, at the tomb of the great Ertuggrul in Sogut who can be loosely attributed as the founder of the Ottoman Empire going by historical events.”


Divulging into the history, the ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ star continued, “Ertugrul, the chieftain of Kayi tribe, the man who championed the cause of Islam, wished for a prosperous and safe state for Muslims and non-Muslims alike and whose regime was based on the tenets of justice and fair play.”

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Siddiqui then shared his thoughts about the tomb: “Multiple thoughts crisscrossed my mind as I took in the beauty and the simplicity of the mausoleum. I had expected a grand monument to celebrate the great Ertuğrul, a man of commanding authority, and a greater legacy. And here was a tomb that spoke volumes of the chief’s life but didn’t need to rely on grandiosity. Humbled.

Pakistan & Dirilis Ertugrul 

Pakistanis have established a special interest in Turkey and Muslim warriors’ history following the broadcast of Dirilis Ertugrul in Pakistan. As the interest of the public picked up on the subject, many social media users traced the historical connection of Pakistan and Turkey. A score of commentators cited the problem of identity crisis among Pakistani people as they challenged the serial’s frenzy.

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