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Monday, July 15, 2024

Afghan Taliban warn TTP leaders, ask to settle issues with Pakistan

As a response to Pakistan's concerns regarding TTP's terror activities, the Afghan Taliban formed a 3 member high commission. The Afghan Taliban are also warning TTP leaders to settle their problems with Pakistan.

The Afghan Taliban Commission warn leaders of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and demand that the terror group settles its issues with Pakistan.

In response to Pakistan’s concerns regarding Tehrik-i-Taliban’s terror activities, the Afghan Taliban formed a high-powered commission. In addition, the commission formally began its proceedings, according to a report published in the Voice of America.

Taliban chief Hibatullah Akhundzada set up the three-member commission to look into Islamabad’s complaints regarding TTP. To clarify, Pakistan is worried that the banned TTP is using Afghan soil to plot cross-border terrorist attacks.

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As per the report, the Afghan Taliban are also warning TTP leaders to settle their problems with Pakistan. They want them to return to the country along with their families in exchange for a possible amnesty by the Pakistani government.

The commission will also put pressure on anti-Pakistan elements to stop their terror activities against the country.

Earlier this month, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said Pakistan is seeking the Afghan Taliban’s help over the TTP issue. However, in today’s press conference, Sheikh Rasheed revealed that the Afghan Taliban reassured Pakistan that TTP would not receive permission to operate in Afghanistan against Pakistan.

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Afghan Taliban given list of ‘wanted’ TTP men

According to media sources, Pakistan gave the Afghan Taliban a list of “most wanted terrorists,” affiliated with TTP. The “wanted” TTP members are operating from Afghanistan against Pakistan.

TTP’s terror activities against Pakistan

TTP is responsible for many terror attacks in Pakistan. In 2014, members from TTP stormed Army Public School in Peshawar and massacred 150 people which included 132 children.

TTP claimed responsibility for deadly terrorist attacks across Pakistan. They targeted Pakistani security forces in North Waziristan in July 2019. They also conducted a bomb attack against Pakistani soldiers in KP in August 2019.

Earlier on June 20, a Pakistan Army soldier was martyred and two terrorists were killed during an Intelligence-Based Operation (IBO) in the Spinwam area of North Waziristan.

According to ISPR, the terrorists were active members of TTP in Spinwam and involved in terrorist activities against security forces.

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