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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Peace in Afghanistan is crucial for peace in the entire region: FM

Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi hold that peace in Afghanistan is crucial for peace in the entire region, especially Pakistan.

Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said we consider success in peace process in Afghanistan our success. He said this while addressing a seminar held here under Institute of Strategic Studies.

He held peace in Afghanistan is must for development in the region. Peace in the region is linked to peace in Afghanistan. Peace and stability in Afghanistan is very crucial for Pakistan.

Global community supports political process for peace in Afghanistan: FM

He went on to say that start of intra-Afghan talks is a vital step. International community is supporting political solution to Afghan issue. It has been acknowledged that Afghan issue will be resolved through talks. Afghan leadership has to capitalize on this opportunity. Islamabad and Kabul will have to move forward to address the matters.

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He reiterated Pakistan does not want to meddle in the affairs of Afghanistan. “we have a clear message for people of Afghanistan that we have no favourite and we don’t want to interfere in your internal affairs.” He underlined “we believe that only Afghan and Afghan can decide about the future of Afghanistan.”

Prosperity in Afghanistan and Pakistan is interlinked

Chairman of Afghanistan Reconciliation Council, Abdullah while commending Pakistan said Pakistan played a crucial conciliatory role in Afghan peace talks. While thanking people and government of Pakistan Abdullah said we have to look towards new future as per will of our people. Pakistan and Afghanistan enjoy brotherly ties and I am visiting Pakistan on the occasion of emerging new future. He said that talks are important opportunity for Afghanistan and Taliban. Establishment of peace is vital for the two countries.

He held we are facing diverse challenges. There are opportunities for both the countries for further bolstering cooperation. We have to learn a lesson from our loss and benefit. The prosperity of Pakistan and Afghanistan is interlinked. Free trade will have to be promoted between the two countries for improvement in economy.

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He underlined Afghanistan is not Afghanistan of 1990. Afghanistan believes in equal rights for all citizens. Afghan people are dreaming of peace since the last 19 years. We have to promote our links for peaceful co-existence.

He announced that Afghan territory will not be allowed to be used against any one. Both the countries had to face terrorism, extremism and common challenges. He observed no one is winner or loser in war. We will have to take steps honestly for establishment of peace. The future way is not easy. We together have to move forward.

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