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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Afghanistan’s decision to recall diplomatic mission is ‘unfortunate, regrettable’: FO

Afghanistan is severing its ties with Pakistan amid successful military campaigns of Taliban in Afghanistan. Kabul believes Pakistan is supporting the Taliban. Is Kabul finding excuses to cut ties with Pakistan?

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Pakistan on Sunday said the recalling of its ambassador and diplomats by Afghanistan was ‘unfortunate and regrettable’ and urged the country to reconsider its decision.

“The decision by the government of Afghanistan to recall its Ambassador and senior diplomats from Pakistan is unfortunate and regrettable,” the Foreign Office said.

The Foreign Office in a statement said the reported abduction and assault of Ambassador’s daughter in Islamabad was being investigated and followed-up at the highest level on the instructions of the Prime Minister.

“The security of the Ambassador, his family and personnel of the Embassy and Consulates of Afghanistan in Pakistan has been further beefed up” it said.

The Foreign Office mentioned that the Foreign Secretary had met the Ambassador of Afghanistan today and highlighted all the steps taken by the government in this regard, besides assuring him of full cooperation.

“We hope that the Government of Afghanistan would reconsider its decision,” it stressed.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry in a statement had announced recalling its ambassador and senior diplomats in Pakistan.

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It said that an Afghan delegation would soon visit Pakistan “to assess and follow up on the case and all related issues” with subsequent actions to follow based on the findings.

Pakistan’s interior minister about Ambassador’s daughter issue

Pakistan’s interior minister on Sunday dismissed claims that the daughter of the Afghan envoy to Pakistan had been abducted, saying they were part of an international conspiracy against his country.

Speaking to local broadcaster Geo News, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said the incident was not an abduction at all.

“This is an international conspiracy, an agenda of [Indian intelligence agency] RAW,” the broadcaster quoted him as saying.

Earlier, while briefing reporters, Ahmad said intelligence agencies had thoroughly investigated the incident and checked the relevant CCTV footage but no evidence was found that she was abducted.

Courtesy: APP