After Abid Sher Ali, Hanif Abbasi also lashes out at Miftah

Another party leader, Hanif Abbasi, has joined the anti-Miftah camp and is accusing the finance minister of "neutralizing the efforts" of Prime Minister.

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Another party leader, Hanif Abbasi, has joined the anti-Miftah camp and is accusing the finance minister of “neutralizing the efforts” of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to improve the nation’s economy, further indicating a rift within the ranks of the ruling PML-N.

As one leader after another blames the finance minister for the disastrous situation of the economy, it appears that Miftah Ismail, the federal finance minister, has been chosen as a “scapegoat” for the poor economic performance of the coalition government led by the Pakistan Muslim League N.

The former federal minister Abbasi said the prime minister was making valiant attempts but that the finance ministry was sabotaging them while speaking at a press conference with the leaders of the merchants on Friday. He claimed that new levies were being imposed on the taxpayers and urged the finance ministry to stop robbing the populace.

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The PML-N leader continued by saying that 11 levies had been added to the bills for the industrial sector, which could cause workers to leave their jobs. He continued, “My own driver received an electricity bill for Rs. 16,000.”

Every sector, according to Abbasi, had been impacted by rising electricity costs. He added that it was really necessary to make judgments right away rather than going through committees.

He attacked the finance ministry, claiming that plundering could not support the nation’s economy. The PML-N leader asserted that a woman overseeing the finance ministry was frightening people, and that the finance ministry ought to address the problems rather than frightening them.

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