After buses and cars, Daewoo brings a solution to the UPS problems

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In a country like Pakistan where electricity provision to the masses is an election stunt and will continue to be used as a carrot by handlers, Pakistanis had come up with the alternative of UPS almost a decade ago and it had become a household utility. That presented another problem; sustainable batteries. Daewoo Battery, a next-generation battery which was launched nationwide in the first week of May, seems to have an answer to that problem.

Daewoo Battery is the only manufacturer of Lead-Acid batteries in Pakistan offering complete range of 100% Maintenance Free Batteries for Automotive and Specialized Deep Cycle Batteries for UPS. These specialized batteries are designed to be fully compatible to Pakistani environment and manufactured using most advanced Korean Technology under the direct supervision of Korean Experts, a press release issued by the company informed.

Using an automobile battery for Uninterrupted Power supply has been a practice for years. But it isn’t common knowledge that this practice is damaging the UPS. Therefore, the statement said, Daewoo offers a separate Deep Cycle Technology battery for UPS and a 100% Maintenance Free battery for Automobiles. In a lucrative offer, the batteries have a 1-year Free Replacement warranty.

Daewoo’s Deep Cycle batteries are low maintenance so you don’t have to check battery water frequently.

Daewoo 100 % Maintenance free battery for automotive is completely sealed, pre-charged and filled with good quality electrolyte by the manufacturer. Hence it is ready to use and you don’t have to worry about checking and filling electrolyte throughout its life time. Apart from this, Daewoo Maintenance free Battery comes with the highest CCA (Cold Cranking Amperage) that perfectly withstands the cold weather.

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The press release further stated “Daewoo Specialized Deep Technology Battery for UPS provides you the longest backup time as well as the longest life due to maximum discharge rate. This specialized deep cycle technology battery is most suitable for UPS/Solar Systems in homes, offices and industries. It is also ready to use as it comes pre-charged and filled with good quality electrolyte by the manufacturer. Daewoo’s Deep Cycle batteries are low maintenance so you don’t have to check battery water frequently”.

Daewoo, the Korean industry mammoth, first stepped into Pakistan in the early 90’s with the yellow cab scheme and Army Officer’s auto scheme, where Daewoo exported its iconic Daewoo racer and Daewoo Cielo to Pakistan under subsidized schemes. These cars are still considered one of the sturdiest sedans the Pakistani road networks have ever seen.

Daewoo also contributed to the national transport grid by providing buses for its all-time favourite bus service over the construction of the motorways. Daewoo bus service is still one of the largest and most widely travelled on inter-city commute in Pakistan. With the brand name that Daewoo has developed over the past two decades and more, there is little doubt about the success of its latest brainchild.


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