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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

After cases in Sindh of “C class, Azam Swati moved to Islamabad

SHC ordered the provincial authorities that no cases should be registered against PTI Senator Azam Swati in the controversial tweets case.

On Thursday, the Sindh High Court (SHC) ruled that there should be no further cases filed in the province against Senator Azam Swati of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) regarding the contentious tweets issue.

Inspector General of Sindh Police Ghulam Nabi Memon apologised to the court at the beginning of the session for his remarks made during the prior appearance.

The SHC was also informed by Sindh Prosecutor General Faiz Shah that Islamabad Police had been given custody of Swati. Additionally, he stated that the senator has been charged in “C class” instances.

The government attorney stated that all applications were previously ineffective and added that the cases were filed by private individuals.

He said, “Law required that the statement of these persons be recorded.”

Justice Karim Khan Agha praised the IG Memon and the Sindh government for handling the “issue” at this point.

The court subsequently ordered that Azam Swati not be the subject of any more FIRs in the case. Additionally, it stated that Swati was the subject of many cases in various parts of the province stemming from a single charge.

The court further ordered that the C class report be delivered to the relevant courts in three days.

The court then decided on the petitions brought by Usman Swati, the son of Azam Swati. Swati moved from Delhi to Islamabad.

According to sources, Swati has moved to Islamabad and been placed in the custody of the police. They claimed that the senator was flown from Sukkur to the capital on a special aircraft.

Cases in Sindh

After the hearing, Anwar Mansoor Khan, Swati’s attorney, told the media that 34 cases had been filed against his client in Sindh, all of which had since been categorised as “C class.”

According to Khan, the FIRs are no longer useful as a result of the C class categorization. He continued by saying that he had argued in court for the dismissal of the charges brought against his client.

The lawyer stated, adding that the police will now provide a new report to the pertinent magistrate, “Judicial process demands that those cases will be decided by the concerned judicial magistrate.”

SHC response

Earlier this week, the SHC consolidated two applications submitted by his son, demanding the dismissal of all cases, and prohibited Sindh police from detaining Swati in any additional cases.

A SHC panel chaired by Justice Karim Khan Agha had instructed the Prosecutor General of Sindh (PGS) to provide the court with a response by December 15 during the petition’s hearing.

The PGS and Inspector General Police (IGP) Ghulam Nabi Memon received notices from the court as well.

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The court further ordered the IGP to provide a thorough report on all prosecutions of Azam Swati in the province.

After the Balochistan High Court ruled that all charges against Swati be dropped, the Sindh police detained him last week in connection with two cases that had been filed in the Warah and Qambar police stations.

The cases

Swati was arrested in numerous cases across the nation as a result of his divisive tweets about military authorities.

He was originally detained in connection with a contentious tweet that he sent out on his official Twitter account in October, which contained threats against the army leader, the judiciary, and other state institutions.

In this case, the senator obtained bail. But on November 27, the Federal Investigation Agency detained him once more for abusing high military figures, including the army head at the time.

A few days back, PTI Chairman Imran Khan talked about the brutality against Senator Swati.