After G-20 summit, China sees India as partner to shore up global economy

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Atul Aneja | Nov 21, 2016

Many participants of two-day brainstorming exercise proposed a pervasive economic engagement between China and India.

Taking the cue from the G-20 summit in Hangzhou, China is advocating greater participation of the Global South and the emerging countries in the world economy, including closer ties between Beijing and New Delhi. At a major brainstorming exercise marshaled by the Communist Party of China (CPC)—China’s most influential core—several speakers recognized that western economies were avoiding structural reforms, which were necessary to revive an anemic global economy. The two-day exercise included invitees from major national and international think-tanks, as well as political parties across a wide cross-section of the globe. Two separate sessions focused on Africa, and countries along the Mekong River, signaling China’s intent to include the Global South in its blueprint to lift the global economy.

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