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Saturday, April 13, 2024

After Mahira Khan, Firdous Jamal takes Dig at Pakistan’s Sweetheart, Imran Ashraf

The veteran actor has once again stirred a strong backlash after denigrating another young actor in his latest interview. Firdous Jamal in the recent past made sexist remarks about Mahira Khan.

Senior Pakistani TV actor Firdous Jamal has stirred yet another controversy for his inconsiderate remarks on young actor Imran Ashraf Awan.

Jamal was in a discussion on the young talent in Pakistan’s entertainment industry in his latest interview. In which he derided junior actors asserting that they are void of talent, hence, he does not have any liking for them.

He added that actors of today are models and lacks articulation on the depth of the characters assigned them to play.

When asked who he thinks is a good performer and has a bright future in the industry, he replied, “There isn’t one.”

“The thing is all these new actors are models. They are all showpieces. They don’t know how to act; they don’t have the wisdom,” he added.

He compared the actors of today with dummies in departmental stores. “You know how the manager at the departmental stores some times changes their wigs or clothes or turns them into women? Unfortunately, our young actors are in the same boat,” asserted Jamal.

The host then intervened and shared how Pakistan’s entertainment industry has produced some real talent in recent years, referred to Imran Ashraf Awan who seamlessly played a character of a mentally challenged adult in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Awan’s exceptional performance had garnered him immense appreciation.

As opposed to expectations, Jamal negated the host and called Imran’s performance as ‘Bhoola’ ‘pretentious’.

“The character Imran did wasn’t spontaneous though. It was all pretension,” Firdous responded. “How can I explain spontaneity in acting lingo? It is different from pretension and acting. Imran has acted. This role was previously done by a lot of other actors too. They just didn’t act it – they behaved it.”

He further asserted, “The sad bit of it all is how none of you have seen good performances.”

His comments on Imran Ashraf Awan and his remarks on his performance as Bhola incited an outburst from Awan’s fans on social media.

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Social media weighed heavily on his remarks, as the score of netizens called his assertions irresponsible. Jamal suffered strong dissension on social media as people recalled his crass remarks against Mahira Khan earlier in an interview, calling him out for disparaging the young actors. This is Jamal’s second unwarranted criticism on young actors. Earlier his remarks for Mahira Khan of ‘being too old to play heroin’ caused a strong backlash on social media.


Meanwhile, Imran Ashraf Awan humbly responded to the distasteful remarks of Firdous Jamal, asked his fans to remain respectful towards the senior actor. He acknowledged Firdous Jamal’s vast experience in the entertainment industry and lauded his acting skills, asserting that Jamal would have performed better than him as Bhoola.