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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Aima Baig rejected an offer to participate in controversial Big Boss 13

The famous Pakistani singer Aima Baig refused to participate in ‘Big Boss 13’ out of fear of risking her reputation.

Pakistani singer Aima Baig spilled the beans that she was approached to participate in the latest installment of an Indian controversial reality show Big Boss from the makers. Baig asserted that she refused to participate in the show since the show is controversial and she feared to put her reputation at stake.

She revealed this secret in an interview with a web chat show ‘The Munshi Show’. The singer, however, opined that Pakistani journalist Waseem Badami and model Eman Suleman would best fit as contestants for a show like Big Boss when she was asked to name two Pakistani celebrities that would be suitable to participate in Big Boss.

Aima Baig added that she feels it would have been quite entertaining for her fans to see her in Big Boss but she said she cannot risk her reputation for the sake of enjoyment and fame.

“I didn’t want to be a target on the show,” she said. “Even though it would have been fun for my fans to see me locked inside the Bigg Boss House, I didn’t want that for myself. It was like putting my reputation at stake,” Aima added.

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Perhaps, Aima had in mind the dissension actress Veena Malik received in Pakistan after returning from Big Boss. A defamatory campaign followed Veena Malik including the release of her controversial pictures for an Indian magazine soon after her participation in Big Boss.

It took Veena Malik a considerable time to wash away the disgrace that followed her stay in India. Her objectionable pictures from fellow contestant Ashmit in the show heavily circulated on social media.

For years, Veena Malik confronted hateful reactions from people in Pakistan. She still receives flak from people on social media despite cutting short her presence in the entertainment industry.

She even apologized to people and vowed to begin a new life following her marriage. Veena Malik is the mother of two sons now.

On the other hand, Aima Baig called herself ‘lucky’ to escape dissension on social media for an item song in the ISPR movie, ‘Kaaf Kangana’.

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Neelum Munir, who performed in the song, was slammed on social media for her provocative moves. While, Aima Baig, the singer of the song, remained safe from the online dissension.