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Sunday, April 14, 2024

AJK PM asks OIC to safeguard rights of Palestinians

Organiation of Islamic Countries (OIC) was established on the idea of safeguarding Palestinians; however, it has lost interest in one of the main issues facing Muslim world.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir [AJK] Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan appealed the OIC to play its leading role to protect the rights of the people of Palestine and to safeguard the Al-Quds [Baitulmuqaddis].

Addressing a rally to express solidarity with the people of Palestinian and Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJ&K) in the state metropolis other day, he strongly denounced the killing of innocent people of Palestinian by the Israeli government and all those countries who have supported the Israeli government as a result of which innocent civilians were martyred.

He said the fundamental objective of the establishment of OIC was to safeguard the Baitulmuqaddis but this organization has failed to fulfill its objective. He said India is also engaged to change the demography of the state and has intensified the reign of terror to crush the indigenous movement launched by the people of occupied Kashmir for achieving their fundamental right to self-determination.

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The Prime Minister paid rich tributes to governments of Turkey and Iran for whole heartily supporting the cause of Palestinian people and condemned the aggression of the Israeli government on innocent civilians of Palestine.

The Prime Minister urged the Muslim countries to formulate a joint and comprehensive strategy and collectively move forward to counter the aggressive designs of the anti-Islamic elements. The other speakers called for a joint strategy to condemn the aggressive designs of the Israeli government on people of Palestine.

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Earlier a rally to express complete solidarity with the people of Palestine was taken out from ‘Lal chowk’ – upper bus stand after Jammu prayers. The participants of the rally belonging to all walks of life raised slogans against Israel and demanded for immediate stoppage of Israeli aggressions on the people of Palestine.

Courtesy: APP