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Ajmal Kasab was an Indian – UP records show

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The records at Bidhoona tehsil in Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya district made a shocking revelation after it was found that Ajmal Kasab – the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack convict who was hanged in 2012 – has been issued a domicile certificate.

“If records at Bidhoona tehsil in UP s Auraiya district are to be believed, Ajmal Kasab, the 26/11 Mumbai attack convict who was hanged at Yerwada jail in Pune on November 21, 2012, has been issued a domicile certificate,” reported Times of India.

The district authorities cancelled the domicile certificate and suspended the concerned revenue officer before ordering a probe in this regard.

As per the details written on the domicile certificate, terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s birth place is mentioned as Bidhuna. The certificate, which bore registration no:181620020060722, mentioned Muhammad Amir as his father and Mumtaz Begum as his mother.

The domicile certificate of Ajmal Kasab was issued on October 21. The official narrative of the Mumbai attacks tragedy has largely been criticized by neutral observers for several reasons.

Elias Davidsson in his book, The Betrayal of India, has identified many discrepancies such as the framing of the narrative by the Indian government while the attack was underway, a list of failures by Indian authorities in following proper procedures while following protocol as well as extreme secrecy and the withholding of basic information from the population, with the excuse of “national security”.

Similarly, An American academic, political commentator and scholar, Dr Kevin Barrett has asserted that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were a false flag by the Indian government. He stressed that American, Israeli and Indian intelligence agencies had colluded together in pursuit of mutual interets.

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Dr. Kevin and Elias are not the only ones who are criticizing the official account of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Many Indians have also pointed out loopholes in the narrative. A former home ministry official has confirmed that a member of the CBI-SIT team had accused incumbent governments of “orchestrating” the terror attack on Parliament and the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai.

R V S Mani, who as home ministry under-secretary signed the affidavits submitted in court in the alleged Ishrat Jahan encounter case, stated that Satish Verma, until recently a part of the CBI-SIT probe team, told him that both the terror attacks were set up “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror legislation (sic)”.

Mani has said that Verma “…narrated that the 13.12. 2001 (attack on Parliament) was followed by POTA (Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act) and 26/11 2008 (terrorists’ siege of Mumbai) was followed by amendment to the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).”

Similarly, Former Maharashtra inspector general of police SM Mushrif stated that the Mumbai attacks were not waged by the Lashkar-e-Taiba but actually an insidious conspiracy by some Hindutva affiliated government circles in order to strengthen anti-Muslim feelings and sow a conducive atmosphere for the RSS.

Courtesy: Dunya News

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  1. If there was any proof needed to show Pakistani duplicity and perfidy then this is it. These crooks are loudly claiming that it was Pakistani intelligence which helped US to reach Osama. But Dr Shakeel Afridi who actually helped identify Osama through DNA test is still in Pakistani jail for sedition. If Pakistan was actually helping US reach Isama then Dr Shakeel Afridi would have been it’s poster boy. Luckily Pakistan has been thoroughly and completely exposed. Hence the statement of Trump. But these people are totally shameless in purveying white lies. Let these fools be happy with their lies. Whole world knows these thugs though.

  2. Why would dear Ajay say a word on domicile of Ajmal Kasab. They have never ever said a word on Ghodsra massacre, Samjhita Express, Gujarat blood bath of muslims on watch of their PM. The Genocide Of Kashmir etc. He likes to quote Trump; Whom even the American consider to be a pathological lier. He remembers Trump, but forgets the befitting repost of Rt hon Imran khan PM Pakistan and the apology of Pentagon on the very next day. I only want to remind dear Ajay jee, That Pakistan is a Muslim atomic and peaceful nation, Surrounded by Rouge states, Blessed be God and may he bless our glorious army; Nothing matters. Pakistan talks the talk and walks its walk, The day is not far When we will lock the lock; Till then dear Ajay keep abusing us, calling names, but finger of fate will render a judgement on India from which there will be no appeal.

  3. Ossama bin Laden was created by USA to drive out Russia from Afghanistan. USA provided him necessary logistics and armed him to teeth with lethal weapons.At that time Ossama and other militants were blue eyed mujhaideens of USA. When Russia left USA also let loose his monster, the Ossama. As it was the baby of USA, its whereabouts fell within the realm of his creators, Pakistan has nothing to do with such people. USA should have monitored closely this man.

  4. It seems Mr Ajay hasn’t read at all the story on domicile certificate of Ajmal Kasab. He only vent his hate for Pakistan.
    Ajay, please read the story before you comment.

  5. Ajay Kumar he was compelled by Indian intelligence to confess in a way he was directed. The truth prevails. The truth of Indian surgical strikes have also prevailed.😃😃

  6. What about kalbhushan yadav and balochistan insurgency mr Ajay. The fact that India is utilizing her money on increasing unrest and ethnic division in Pakistan rather than spending it on her poor nation. Alas

  7. There are hundreds of Kashmiri & Pakistani boys in Indian jails arrested from Kashmir & Nepal.These boys languishing in jail’s for decades without trails or family whereabouts are used as cannon fodder for stage managed encounters like Mumbai ,Akshardaam or Delhi parliament .

  8. OBL issue is extremely complicated. OBL himself was a creation of CIA during Afghan Jihad. Millions of Americans believe and certified by hundreds of American experts that 911 was created by Zionists and the Oil Lobby as a pretext to invade Middle East and that’s what exactly they did. OBL always denied his or his followers role in 911 attacks. People are not even sure if that was OBL killed in Abbotabad. USA disposed off the body in the ocean and never did otopsy. There are reasons to believe that Obama administration had decided to withdraw from Afghanistan and they to create the reason to justify for the withdraw which Pakistani Army provided. They thought USA will withdraw after the OBL’s persemued death.

  9. Ajay kumar although Osama is not the topic here but since you dragged him here so let me ask you some question about this “Osama matter”
    Do you seriously believe that Osama was killed during that operation??if so,
    Then it was the biggest achievement of the US but guess what they don’t show his body to any media and follow no protocol (postmortem and other tests) and just drown his body in the sea???
    This whole Osama thing was nothing but just a drama to put pressure on Pakistan..
    And by the way this article is about Mumbai Attack not about Osama so kindly comment to the point…

  10. Well India and Pakistan both harboured terror in the intreste of US arm’s manufacturing sector. I can say Indian RAW its own cant tackle ISI thats why they need CIA and Mosad help. India should resolve disputes otherwise this proxy war will never end.

  11. Forget Kasab. 100s of thousands of Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims who infiltrated to India got all certificates some original and some fake by paying bribe left right and centre. Does that make them genuine Indian Citizen?
    Keep living in your false world and remain retarded with begging bowl permanently fixed in your hands.

    • Sovik & Ajay. Why should we forget Ajmal Kassav. As an Indian how do you feel when your government at the end of 26/11/2008 staged killing tells you ten people ( one caught alive rest killed) held on for four days the mighty Indian empire in the largest city of India which also hosts Western Naval Command!
      Did you ask how the ATS officers who had unearthed the Hindu Terrorist Outfit, staging bomb blast since 2006 and blaming Indian Muslims and Pakistan were assassinated within hours of the staged drama. Before you open your mouth or right something read Elias Davidsson , Mr. Munshi and others. Rise against the Hindutva menace before you are destroyed. You are ruled by fascist, who orgsnise mass killings. Gujarat & Mumbai and countless other bomb blasts are staged and then blame Pakistan and innocent Indian Muslims are blamed.

    • You Indians have some shame. You are still indebt of Pakistan. You still have to pay 5million that you had to pay at the time of Partition. You leave the rest…. You should be thankful to Pakistanis that your country has Pakistan’s wealth…… You should be obliged to us. If you and your government has any shame or guts firts pay Pakistans remaining amount with penalty and interest and think to criticize Pakistan. Everyone can but You Indians can’t crticize Pakistan for borrowing…… As you owe us. You cheaps.

  12. Ajay ,maybe it’s time you called a spade a spade.RSS is the undoing of a entire nation.and yes Muslims of India have enough rights ,in fact the same as hindus.you.our forefathers stayed back out of choice,because they loved this great nation.it is bigots like you who hand BJP who have torn apart the secular fabric of India.


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