Akcent to spend holiday in Hunza, says Pakistan is safe

He posted the video announcing his travel to Pakistan. The singer posted his video on Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Romanian singer, Akcent, has shared the exciting news of spending his holidays at Pakistan’s picturesque Hunza Valley in Gilgit Baltistan.

He posted the video announcing his travel to Pakistan. The singer posted his video on Instagram and Twitter accounts. In the video, he can be heard saying,  “Hello, this is Akcent and I am so happy to see you again in Pakistan.”

In the caption of the video, Adi Sina said “Hello Pakistan, This time I have decided to spend some of my holidays in Hunza Pakistan to show the world that Pakistan is a Safe and Beautiful country.”



Adi Sina, popularly known as Akcent, has several times voiced positive statements for Pakistan. He also stepped out in support of Pakistan when the New Zealand cricket team called off its tour to Pakistan midway. In a social media post, he said, “I have been to Pakistan many times and I always felt it like a home.” He has been to Pakistan many times for concerts.

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He called Pakistan a safe country and posted the video of one of his concerts in Pakistan on his Facebook post earlier. “I feel safe there and the love I receive from Pakistan is beyond amazing. I will come back even more often. I love my fans! Pakistan Zindabad,” he wrote in the caption of the post.

Earlier, Akcent had hinted at singing the anthem for the next Pakistan Super League (PSL) season on Wednesday. In a tweet this week, the singer teases that he might be singing or producing the anthem for PSL 7 or PSL 8.

His tweet excited his followers and cricket fans in Pakistan. Fans hope that the inclusion of a foreign artist in the league will boost its popularity.

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He has always received a warm reception in Pakistan. He also celebrated Sindh Culture Day. The singer posted his picture wearing an ajrak on his Twitter account.


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