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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Al-Khair Foundation Leader Faces Scrutiny Over Luxury Travel

Imam Qasim of Al-Khair Foundation faces scrutiny after flying first class from a charity trip, raising concerns about fund usage, amid broader doubts about transparency and collaboration with Sarwar Foundation in charity efforts.

Imam Qasim, well-known for his leadership at the Al-Khair Foundation (AKF), a prominent British Muslim charity, is under scrutiny after being photographed flying first class on his return from a charity trip to Jordan for Gaza relief efforts.

Imam Qasim, a familiar figure in Western charity circles, was spotted in the first-class section of a flight from Amman, Jordan, to London Heathrow during Ramadan.

Despite previously emphasizing simplicity and pledging not to use donated funds for personal luxury, Imam Qasim’s choice of luxury travel has raised concerns about the allocation of donations for personal benefit.

Photographs of him enjoying first-class amenities contradict his public stance against luxury travel, prompting criticism for potentially misusing charity funds.

Imam Qasim’s selective social media posts highlighting aid delivery efforts while omitting details of his luxury travel have led to doubts among donors about transparency and the appropriate use of their contributions.

A spokesperson for Al-Khair Foundation confirmed that Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad, who relies solely on his role at the foundation for income, is entitled to comfortable travel arrangements.

Attempts to obtain clarification from Imam Qasim regarding his salary and potential luxury perks have been unsuccessful, fueling skepticism among observers.

As the founder of Al-Khair Foundation and CEO of Iqra TV, Imam Qasim wields significant influence within the UK Muslim community and the charity sector.

While Al-Khair Foundation has been known for its humanitarian work since its establishment in 2003, recent revelations have raised doubts about its governance and financial transparency.

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Donors are now calling for increased transparency and accountability to ensure that their contributions are effectively used for charitable purposes rather than personal gain.

Additionally, Al-Khair Foundation faced a ban on operating in Pakistan in May 2018 along with several other international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). Concerns were raised by the Pakistani interior ministry regarding financial transparency and objectives.

The banned organizations included four UK-based INGOs, two from the USA, and one each from China, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Pakistan.

Al-Khair Foundation (UK) stated it withdrew its application before processing in August 2017, condemning the Pakistan Ministry of Interior for placing it under the ban.

In August 2020, the charity announced a collaboration with the Sarwar Foundation to install water filtration plants in various areas of Punjab. However, despite fundraising efforts, no progress was reported, and promises of updates regarding the funds were unfulfilled.



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