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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Alarming Rise in Street Crime Grips Islamabad’s Sector I-14, Residents Demand Action

Despite repeated complaints and FIRs filed by residents of Islamabad's Sector I-14 regarding the alarming rise in street crime, the security forces, including Islamabad Police and Safe City Islamabad, have failed to take adequate action, leaving residents vulnerable to continued attacks and demanding immediate intervention.

An alarming surge in street crime has gripped Islamabad’s Sector I-14 over the past couple of years, leaving residents, particularly students and employees residing in boys’ hostels, in a state of fear and vulnerability.

Reports indicate that individuals residing in hostels within Sector I-14 have been targeted by armed assailants, who brazenly rob them of their money, laptops, and other valuable electronics at gunpoint. Despite numerous complaints lodged with security personnel, no adequate security measures have been implemented in the sector. Multiple FIRs have been filed, yet Islamabad Police’s response has been disappointingly sluggish.

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Even the authorities at Safe City Islamabad have been apprised of the situation, but the lack of action has emboldened criminals, resulting in a notable increase in the frequency of attacks.

The situation has escalated to the extent that armed gunmen have attempted to forcefully enter hostels, instilling fear and anxiety among hostel residents. In light of these developments, residents of Sector I-14 are pleading with authorities to take swift and decisive legal action to address the burgeoning street crime problem.

Residents emphasize the urgent need for regular police patrols in the region to deter potential robbers and muggers. They assert that proactive measures must be taken before any further casualties occur.

It is imperative that the capital administration, including the deputy commissioner, superintendent of police, and other relevant authorities, address this pressing issue without delay. Every individual’s safety and security must be safeguarded, especially vulnerable students residing in the affected area. Immediate action is paramount to curb the escalating street crimes and restore peace and security to Sector I-14 and the broader Islamabad community