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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Aleem Khan rejects reports of clash with Hamza Shehbaz

Reports emerged of an alleged altercation between Aleem Khan and Hamza Shehbaz which ended with Aleem Khan threatening to resign. However, the disgruntled PTI lawmaker has rejected the reports.

Disgruntled PTI lawmaker Aleem Khan has rejected reports of a clash with PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz. Important to note, Aleem Khan has formally joined forces with Hamza Shehbaz for the election of the Punjab chief minister.

Earlier, reports emerged of an alleged altercation between Aleem Khan and Hamza Shehbaz. Furthermore, reports claimed that Aleem Khan even threatened to resign from his seat. His resignation would ofcourse hinder Hamza Shehbaz’s plans of becoming the next Punjab CM.

To clarify, Aleem Khan’s resignation would reduce the number of votes for Hamza Shehbaz in the Punjab Assembly. Aleem Khan had announced that 12 MPAs from his group will vote for Hamza Shehbaz.

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Journalist Asad Kharal revealed that the incident took place at a hotel in Lahore. Moreover, unverified reports also claimed the argument escalated fast and turned physical, leading to Shehbaz slapping Khan.

“News of alleged fight and bitter rhetoric between Aleem Khan and Hamza Shehbaz in a hotel in Lahore. Aleem Khan threatens to resign,” Asad Kharal tweeted.


Tensions over Punjab CM seat

Needless to say, the rumor spread like wildfire. However, Aleem Khan took to Twitter to reject the reports. He also called out PML-Q leader Pervaiz Elahi, who is PTI’s candidate for the Punjab CM seat. It seems as if Aleem Khan believes that Pervaiz Elahi is behind the rumors of his altercation with Hamza Shehbaz.

“Pervaiz Elahi sahab can foresee his loss. He knows that defeat is in his fate, that is why he is resorting to cheap shots,” Aleem Khan tweeted. He then tweeted about his strong relations with Hamza Shehbaz.

“I have a very good and loving relationship with Hamza. He is like a little brother to me. Nothing like that [the alleged altercation] has happened and will never happen,” Aleem Khan wrote. Moving on, he again urged Pervaiz Elahi to accept defeat.

“Pervez Elahi should admit his defeat. Come to the field of elections. There will be no need for him to do such things [ allegedly spreading rumors of the altercartion],” Aleem Khan tweeted.

The session of the Punjab Assembly to elect the CM Punjab is scheduled for April 16. However, the matter is pending in the Lahore High Court, which may call for an early session.

Hamza Shehbaz even approached the Lahore High Court (LHC) for an early session of the Punjab Assembly. He had accused Elahi of using delaying tactics. Moreover, the Opposition believes that Hamza Shehbaz will certainly win the seat of Punjab CM. Hamza claims that he has the support of 202 MPAs in the Punjab Assembly, 16 more than the required strength to get elected as the leader of the house.

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On the other hand, PTI-backed Pervaiz Elahi is also racking up efforts to woo MPAs. Over the next three days, he will meet MPAs from Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur, and Sahiwal and will host them on an iftar diner.