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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Alizeh Shah registers complaint against those leaking her smoking video

The video of Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah smoking went viral on social media. The actress received severe backlash as netizens criticized her for smoking. However, the actress has decided to take strong action against those breaching her privacy.

Alizeh Shah has filed a complaint against those who captured and shared her video of smoking online with the cybercrime cell of FIA. It seems that the actress has perhaps decided to take strong action against those breaching her privacy.

Head of FIA Cyber Crime, Imran Riaz, turned to his Instagram story and supported the actress. In his clip, Imran iterated that “capturing, uploading, sharing, re-tweeting and transmitting a person’s video without their consent falls under electronic crime and people who are involved in the act can be imprisoned for at least three years or could be subject to an Rs.10 lac penalty.” Alizeh Shah also shared the statement of Imran Riaz on her Instagram.


Alizeh Shah receives backlash

Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah was spotted smoking in a viral video on Wednesday evening. The video shows Alizeh Shah sitting in the car and smoking while her brother was seen sitting in the driving seat.

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The video grabbed the attention of social media users. A score of them lashed out at Alizeh Shah for smoking while others were left shocked. Alizeh Shah has not reacted to the online backlash yet. The actress has been in the news for all the bizarre reasons lately. Earlier, her video of stumbling during the ramp walk in the fashion show had gone viral on social media. Then, the actress caught media attention for her ‘inappropriate dressing’ at a social event.

Another Pakistani actress Mahira Khan had too received a similar online backlash after her pictures of smoking with Ranbir Kapoor were leaked online back in 2017. Following that, she again landed in hot waters after another video of her, smoking during an event, surfaced online.

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The actress was filmed smoking, for the second time, since her previous controversy in which the actress was snapped smoking with an Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor in New York.