All-new KIA Sportage 2023 ‘wows’ with dashing appearance

The mighty bold compact SUV offers an altogether new design and comes equipped with a massive "curved" central infotainment system!

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KIA has released, or rather teased, the images of an all-new model of KIA Sportage that is likely to hit automobile markets in 2022.

The South Korean auto manufacturer has shared three images on its official social media pages along with a caption that reads, “After the launch of the new brand and the Kia EV6, we will reveal another significant milestone for the brand. The all-new Sportage. Full design unveil on 8 June.”

شاید ‏‏کار‏ اور ‏, متن جو کہتا ہے کہ'‏‎KM Movemen that inspires‎‏'‏‏ کی تصویر ہو

Shortly after the pictures were released, KIA Worldwide also posted a short video showing only the shadow of the all-new vehicle. In the six-second video, the vehicle’s front lamps are switched on. The caption reads: “Mark your calendar. Full design will be unveiled on 8 June.”

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One of the most popular SUVs of KIA, Sportage had already mesmerized auto enthusiasts with its previous model that featured a classy outlook – enhanced by the sharp taillights and overall sleekness of design.

شاید ‏کار‏ کی تصویر ہو

It’s expected that the all-new KIA Sportage will debut sometime in July, and subsequently be offered in the U.S. automobile market in 2022.

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Sneak peek

From the teaser images we’ve inferred that the new SUV will boast impressive C-shaped lighting setup that stands out, and tail end will once again feature full width LEDs. And of course, how can we forget the new KIA logo which shows in one of the pictures where the steering is visible.

Speaking of which, KIA Sportage 2023’s interior is by no means an ordinary one. The compact SUV comes equipped with a massive central infotainment and vehicle display system that provides added luxury and comfort. Below the display sits some buttons to manage the different functions of the vehicle.

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شاید ‏کار‏ کی تصویر ہو

Under the hood, we expect KIA to offer a 2.5-liter inline-four as the base engine and for users desirous of fuel economy, there is a trim level that comes with a 1.6-liter inline-four hybrid drivetrain with a turbo.

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Stay tuned for more as KIA reveals more details of its best seller SUV!







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