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Friday, April 12, 2024

Allegations of sexual harassment against Chairman; NAB demands probe

NAB denied any allegations of sexual harassment against the Chairman and demanded a full-scale investigation into the matter. NAB claims the allegations to be baseless and by the powers that seek to destabilize the country's institution. A press release by NAB tells about the criminal proceedings ongoing against the people that have come out with allegations.

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In the latest development, the Chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (r) Javed Iqbal has been accused of sexual harassment by a local TV channel. The channel ‘Newsone’ aired audio as well as video clips allegedly associated with the chairman NAB and demonstrating sexual misconduct.

NEWS ONE Clarifies

After some time the concerned TV channel decided not to carry the news anymore and demanded more time to probe into the matter. It led to many other questions where people demanded the Pemra to take action.

NAB Rejects Allegations

The anti-corruption watchdog has categorically rejected the allegation and termed the video libelous, propagandist and fake, NAB said in a statement that it was an attempt to blackmail the state institution over ongoing corruption investigations against a gang of blackmailers. The NAB press release claimed that 42 cases of blackmail and kidnappings for ransom had been registered against the gangsters.


Social Media Reactions

Mixed reaction can be seen on social media where people are divided on the incident. Some pro-NAB citizens have decided to stand by the NAB since it is working to cut the corrupt politicians to their size. The opposition parties have recently threatened the NAB chairman not to exceed his constitutional mandate. PML-N and PPP slammed the chairman NAB and blamed him for being in contact with the ruling party.

A social media user said that “a group leading by Farooq Nool has planned of character assassination of #ChairmanNAB Javed Iqbal. This news was exposed by Ch Ghulam Hussain GhulamHusainPK few days back.

Ali Moeen Nawazish opined that “we all hold our public officers to a higher standard than we do everyone else. Public figures and officers also as such are not entitled to the same level of personal life as everyone else is. Whether the videos were released maliciously or not, there are two important points.

In Pakistan, there is no denying of the fact that women have to face sexual harassment and inappropriate attitude by their male counterparts or officers on a regular basis.

The videos establish that it is the Chairman himself and that the exchange was in his office. He is sitting in his official government office when the alleged exchanges took place. This opens him up to scrutiny, misuse of office and power. Even as alleged that this is a blackmailing cell whose people are under investigation that makes the exchanges even more inappropriate.”

Government’s Involvement Being Questioned

Moreover, there are people speculating that the government has a direct or indirect link with the news since the owner of the TV channel is Special Assistant to the Prime Minister.

Similarly, Najam Sethi of 24 News predicted one night before that the Prime Minister was not happy with the chairman NAB who was likely to arrest some members of the incumbent government.

Strict Probe into Case

It is believed whether the video is fake or not, the government must ensure that these allegations are seriously probed and the case is concluded. In Pakistan, there is no denying of the fact that women have to face sexual harassment and inappropriate attitude by their male counterparts or officers on a regular basis.

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In offices and universities, sexual favors are demanded by men (who hold public office) to give due/undue favors to women. However, women are also misused many times by political rivals to target their political opponent through character assassination. This case is important and demands seriousness and thorough investigation to settle the matter.