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Friday, May 24, 2024

American-Indian Fraudster Exploits Nonprofit for Image Cleansing

Recent investigations reveal Gaurav Srivastava's use of a donation to the Atlantic Council to launder his reputation through a sham charity, alongside the Atlantic Council's complicity and negligence in accepting funds without due diligence.

Recent investigations reveal that Gaurav Srivastava, an American-Indian swindler implicated in corruption, fraud, and intimidation, utilized a donation to the Atlantic Council to rehabilitate his tarnished reputation through a purported charitable organization, which has yet to demonstrate genuine philanthropic efforts.

Evidence amassed by investigators indicates that the Atlantic Council was the sole nonprofit entity to receive contributions from the Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation. This maneuver is believed to have been orchestrated to leverage the Atlantic Council’s prestige for the Srivastavas’ reputation laundering and to gain access to affluent targets.

The association of Srivastava with prominent figures in Washington, such as General Wesley Clark and Atlantic Council chief Fred Kempe, serves as a deceptive facade to portray him as a credible individual, despite his fraudulent activities.

Complicity and Negligence: The Atlantic Council’s Role

Scrutiny has been directed at the Atlantic Council for accepting donations without conducting adequate due diligence checks. The organization has remained silent on inquiries regarding the escalating scandal surrounding the conduct of their donors, including threats to journalists, a series of fraudulent activities, and the manipulation of online platforms such as Google and Tumblr.

Investigations further reveal that the Gaurav and Sharon Srivastava Foundation operates more as a disguise for the Srivastava couple to masquerade as philanthropists than as a legitimate nonprofit organization. Despite being registered as a “corporation” in Delaware in October 2022, the foundation falsely claims to have been established in 2015.

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Additionally, it lacks registration with the IRS as a charitable organization or private foundation and fails to comply with filing regulations. The only discernible activity of the foundation appears to be its donation and collaboration with the Atlantic Council in November 2022, just a month after its purported formation.

Gaurav Kumar Srivastava’s fraudulent activities have come to light, including schemes involving impersonating a CIA operative to defraud international businessmen. Despite these revelations, Srivastava was lauded for his significant donation to the Atlantic Council’s 2022 Global Food Security Forum, a gesture that the organization’s president, Fred Kempe, commended without foresight of ensuing events.

Following exposure by the Project Brazen investigation, which uncovered Srivastava’s elaborate deception, he resorted to false claims and manipulation of Google and Tumblr to suppress incriminating articles.

These actions prompted protests from journalists and led to the removal of accounts and posts from Tumblr’s platform. The intricate, multinational fraud orchestrated by Srivastava has garnered increased media attention, shedding light on his extensive history of deceit and fraud.

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