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Thursday, February 15, 2024

American singer Cher meets PM Imran Khan in Islamabad

PM Khan also invited the American singer to participate and contribute towards the current government’s efforts for the conservation of protected areas across Pakistan.

American singer, Cher, met Prime Minister Imran Khan at Islamabad today during her visit to Pakistan. PM Imran Khan appreciated her efforts for retiring elephant Kaavan to a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia, where he will be provided a better habitat.

PM Khan also invited the American singer to participate and contribute towards the current government’s efforts for the conservation of protected areas across Pakistan, to which she kindly agreed.

In the conversation with Cher, Khan expressed relief that elephant Kaavan, after living for 35 years in Islamabad’s Zoo will retire with other elephants in a special animal sanctuary. Cher appreciated the extraordinary initiatives like the “Protected Areas Initiative” and “10 billion Tree Tsunami” commenced by the PTI-led federal government for the protection of ecology and mitigate the adverse impact of climate change in Pakistan.

Cher mentioned that her organization, “Free the Wild” will be eager to promote green initiatives in Pakistan.

Later Cher took to social media and informed her followers about her meeting with PM Khan. She spoke highly of him in her tweet. The video of the meeting between Khan and Cher was shared on social media. In her tweet, she hinted at the producing a documentary of transporting Kaavan from Pakistan to Cambodia.

“Just Came From Meeting To Thank Prime Minister Imran Kahn For Making It Possible For Me To Take Kaavan To Cambodia. Kaavan Will Be Able To Leave For Cambodia On the 29. Think Documentary Will Be Heartwarming,” wrote Cher in the tweet.

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The American singer had actively campaigned for the elephant Kaavan. Her news of arrival to Pakistan began circulating on social media on Wednesday, 25th November. In a statement on Twitter, she had confirmed she would be present in Pakistan to ensure the elephant is safely transported to Cambodia from Pakistan.

Cher to arrive Pakistan

The singer arrived in Islamabad on Friday 27th to what she said would be a life-time experience to see Kaavan flying to Cambodia.

“Can’t wait to sing to him on way to Cambodia,” said Cher in a Twitter statement.


“Just saw Kaavan made a little Video. He’s SO PRECIOUS. I Will SOB WHEN I SEE HIM 4 THE FIRST TIME Maybe I’ll need a Take 2. IM STARTING TO GET SO EXCITED,” she said in a tweet on November 15th.

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Meanwhile, Director of the Four Paws Project Dr. Amir Khalil informed Gulf News that all the arrangements have been made, a Russian airplane has been chartered that will land at Rawalpindi’s Chaklala Air Base, on the morning of November 29th, the same evening the Kaavan will be departed from Marghazar Zoo at 3 PM in VIP protocol.

Farewell to elephant Kaavan at Islamabad Zoo

Meanwhile, on Monday, Islamabad Zoo gave a farewell party to Kaavan which was attended by the public and government officials. With music, treats, and balloons, friends of Pakistan’s only Asian elephant threw a farewell party for the creature ahead of its relocation to Cambodia following years of campaigning by animal rights activists.

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The plight of Kaavan, an overweight, 35-year-old bull elephant, had drawn international condemnation and highlighted the woeful state of Islamabad’s zoo, where conditions are so bad that a judge in May ordered all the animals to be moved.