American tourists slams media for negative portrayal of Pakistan

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The American tourist currently in Pakistan has criticized media for portraying a negative image of Pakistan. In a video circulating on social media, the tourist is heard praising the beauty of Pakistan and slammed international and local media for highlighting only the unpleasant aspects of the country.

The tourist who was seen speaking to the media appreciated the beauty of the country and said that “not a lot people from the United States of America would come to Pakistan as tourists as they think it is a dangerous place”.

“The problem with that is what the media is portraying,” he said, adding that Mexico is more dangerous than Pakistan. He further urged the authorities should extensively promote the positive image to thrive the tourism in the country as it would “do a great deal of good for this country”.

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The tourist said that the persistent portrayal of the positive image of the country will wither off the fears instilled in the foreign tourist and will bring the foreign investment and other perks in the country.

“I am a champion of increasing tourism of this country as a US citizen and I just challenge everyone to do the same. You are missing out,” he concluded.”

The agenda of reinvigorating tourism industry of Pakistan is at the heart of the economic policy of the current government of Prime Minister Imran Khan. They have recently taken appreciable steps to promote the tourism sector that includes the relaxation in visa policy that will allow the visa-on-arrival to people of 50 countries and e-visa to 175 countries.

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Moreover, the current government mulls over renting out the Governor Houses in Nathia Gali and Murree at a 7-star hotel price. The government has already announced the formation of a 25-member National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB) for the promotion of tourism in the country.