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Monday, April 15, 2024

American woman slams ‘corrupt Indian judiciary’ for releasing her rapist

American woman slammed the Indian judiciary for releasing a convicted rapist, a country marked highly unsafe for women, according to Bollywood celebs such acts tarnish the image of India.

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A furious American woman slammed the Indian judiciary for releasing her rapist on bail. Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen, a human rights activist, lashed out at an Indian judiciary for releasing a convicted rapist on bail.

The vexed American woman stood outside the Indian Embassy in USA and shot her video in which she called the Indian legal system ‘corrupt’ after the judiciary overturned a decision of the seven-year sentence of her rapist.


What is the Video About?

In the video, the American woman alleged that she was notified that ‘the man who broke into her apartment and viciously attacked her and who she had to fight to get him convicted” was given bail. Adding that, ‘He was sentenced for years in prison and then on his appeal, a corrupt judge gives him bail.”

She narrated her ordeal of fighting her case in the Indian legal system and stated that she had to travel alone to India to testify in the case.

Bollywood celebrities Arjun Rampal and Farhan Akhtar came forth in support of the US woman and slammed their judiciary system for failure in safeguarding womens’ rights.

Jennipha asserted that as she looks forward to filing an appeal against his release in the Indian High Court, she is being asked to get her papers notarized from the Indian consulate in California before she could proceed with her counter appeal.

In the video, she went on to say “India’s incredible corruption and lack of support for women that are attacked is continuing. They refuse to help me yet they say that they want to stop the violence against women in their own country.”

“Yet a simple verification, like the one I received at the New York City at their consulate, I am being denied here in San Francisco. They want me to spend thousands of dollars to travel to the state of California on my own money because they have let a convicted criminal out on bail. We don’t give bail to convicted criminals.”

She asserted that she came to San Francisco to get her forms notarized to confirm the Indian High Court that she will pursue the case. She asked her Indian friends for help in her quest for justice, adding that, “You do not let convicted criminals off when the victims were brave enough to go and testify. I need your help.”

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The Consul General of India, San Francisco, responded to the video and apologized to her for the inconvenience. The Consul General of India in their message reiterated that they had provided the woman with necessary attestations on the same day she requested, adding that they even ‘waived the requirements of the Hague Convention that requires apostilling [attestation in which documents are legalized in a particular format that is acceptable in all nations] of legal documents.”

Bollywood Reaction

Bollywood celebrities Arjun Rampal and Farhan Akhtar came forth in support of the US woman and slammed their judiciary system for failure in safeguarding womens’ rights.

Rampal asserted that it is shameful to release a convicted criminal since it tarnishes the image of India but also exposes the poor determination in protecting women, particularly those visiting the country.

Farhan Akhtar shared the video of the American woman and brought the attention of the authorities towards the case.

What was the Case?

The incident dates back to 2013, when Rajesh Panwar, the nephew of former Deputy Mayor Delhi broke into the apartment of Jennipha and sexually assaulted her when she was on her stay in India. She filed a complaint on June 24, 2013, and Panwar was arrested earlier this year.

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According to the complaint, on June 24, 2013, Panwar after partying with the US woman and her husband, trespassed into her flat and molested her while she was sleeping.

Panwar had been guilty of rape and was sentenced to a seven-year imprisonment on February 2019. The court had observed that the victim’s testimony could not be unreliable as she came from her country to depose in the case.