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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Americans, You gonna build the wall? Well listen to what we have to say then – World

Latin America has deep roots in the old World of Europe. Spaniards throughout the planet are therefore standing united with Mexico. Donald Trump’s promise that there will be a wall and that Mexico will be paying for it has started a funny rejoinder, apparently from Spain, but has gone viral across the world:

Translated from Spanish as:

“So you voted to build a wall? Well my dear North Americans, although you don’t understand much about geography it’s important that before you lay the first bricks you understand what you’re leaving outside that wall.

On the outside there are 7 billion people – but since you don’t know much about those people, we will call them consumers.

There are 7 billion consumers willing to replace the iPhone with Samsung or Huawei.

They can replace Levi’s with Zara or Massimo Duti.

We can stop buying Ford or Chevrolet because we also like Toyota and Volvo, and Renault and BMW.

Those 7 billion can also stop subscribing to Directv and we wouldn’t like it, but we can stop watching Hollywood movies.

Although it seems incredible, we don’t have to go to Disney: there are other destinations in South America, Asia and Europe.

And believe it or not, there are better burgers than McDonalds.

We know there is Adidas and not just Nike.

We know much more than you think; We know for example that if those 7 billion consumers do not buy your products, there will be unemployment and your economy – inside the wall – will collapse to the point where we will be asked to come knock it down.

We didn’t want to, but … you wanted a wall, you’re going to get a wall and you and your people are gonna be inside that wall.

The rest of the world.”

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Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox, has repeatedly taken strong positions against Donald Trump and his wall. He thinks that Trump is basically crazy.


The cost of construction for the single-layered fence, estimated by the US Government Accountability Office, is $6.5 million per mile with additional cost for more fencing and roads is anticipated at $4.2 million per mile. A question arises here that how can this fencing, nearly 2,000 mile be effective to stop people illegally entering the country?

President Trump will continue with policy to build the wall

Well President Trump is going ahead with that wall and despite the cancellation of the visit by Mexican president, Enrique Pena Neito – he still says that the Mexicans will be paying for it. Earlier, there was a speculation among Congressional Republicans that Mr. Donald J. Trump may move back from the promise he made during his election campaign. But he has insisted that he was not retreating. “We’re going to get reimbursed,” he said. “But I don’t want to wait that long. But you start, and then you get reimbursed.” The USA will initially pay for the wall and get payment back from Mexicans by raising import duties on goods coming from there.

I regret and condemn the decision of the United States to continue construction of a wall that, for years, has divided us instead of uniting us. Mexican President

Mr. Trump blamed “dishonest media, in a tweet, for not reporting his message in true he sense.



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The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 6, 2017

Mexico condemns the move

Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s President, condemned Mr. Trump on his vow to continue construction of the wall along the border.  He said, “I regret and condemn the decision of the United States to continue construction of a wall that, for years, has divided us instead of uniting us.” He further stated that, “Mexico does not believe in walls. I have said it time and again. Mexico will not pay for any wall.”

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