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Sunday, November 26, 2023

An open letter to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan

Minahil Toor |

Dear Imran Khan,

Heartiest congratulations on your thumbing victory. The load of governance has now officially come upon you. I prefer to call it a load as the job to run Pakistan and bring it back to its feet is unlike governing just any other democratic country. Our flag is strained, Mr. Khan. It has been pulled in all directions by the political parties and foreign influences. They have wrestled it in their tug of political tyranny.

Our international image has been gravely damaged and above all, our people are losing hope in the vibrant green and white. It is now the time for you Mr. Khan, to become the fresh air that helps our flag breathe this time. The last five year chunk of your twenty two years long struggle has undoubtedly been your ‘slow and steady’ win for Pakistan. It has made you ready and resilient for this day.

But Mr. Khan, there is an even more pertinent task than rebuilding and reforming our government structure, it is to rejuvenate our souls as a Nation. The status quo has divagated from the principles of morality. It has snatched away the equality of choice and decision from our people. We are not familiar with the taste of social justice. Our patriotism has been instrumentally diverged into blind following and attachment to various political personalities. National cohesion and harmony has lost its essence from the spirit of citizenship.

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In this looming darkness and ignorance of a common national identity, I urge you to revive our shattered faith in the future of Pakistan. Reposing confidence in the system is what will become your strength and force. My dear Prime Minister, you will have to lift the weight of despondence from the hearts of people, stabilize the wavering uncertainty and sow their shredded trust.

I hope that every person, who is carrying the golden bricks of your Naya Pakistan, will get a lending hand from you. The sun shall not set down on our flag, not this time!

Yours faithfully,

A hopeful citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Minahil Toor is doing MS in Peace and Conflict Studies from NUST Islamabad. The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.