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Friday, May 17, 2024

Anchor Jameel Farooqui’s bail accepted

Reacting to Jameel Farooqui's bail, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said the sole purpose of his arrest was to spread fear. 

In a positive development, the bail of TV anchor Jameel Farooqui has been accepted. Wednesday, Jameel Farooqui was released from the court on bail for a surety bond of 100,000.

According to the details, during the hearing today, Jameel’s attorney asked that if bar consuls and journalists will not speak about torture in custody, then who will speak? He said that the Supreme Court forgives the criticism and instead of that Islamabad police arrested him.

Reacting to Jameel Farooqui’s bail, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said the sole purpose of his arrest was to spread fear.

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“Jameel Farooqi’s arrest was aimed at creating fear, but it did not succeed. The decision on bail is correct. Shahbaz Gill’s bail not getting accepted is unfortunate,” Fawad Chaudhry tweeted. An Islamabad court on Tuesday disposed of senior PTI leader Shahbaz Gill’s bail petition in the sedition case filed against him.

Jameel Farooqui’s arrest

The police arrested Jameel Farooqui in Karachi after he allegedly made false allegations against Islamabad Police related to the torture of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill.

As per the police, Jameel Farooqui had falsely accused the Islamabad Police in his v-log that the police had physically and sexually assaulted Shahbaz Gill. Pertinent to mention, Shahbaz Gill has confirmed that he was sexually abused.

Journalists condemned the arrest and criticized the government for curbing free speech. Apart from journalists, the public and PTI leaders have also condemned the arrest of Jameel Farooqui. Moreover, a disturbing video of Jameel Farooqui went viral where he accused the police of maltreatment.

Last week, Jameel Farooqui was handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) by the judicial magistrate’s court. Islamabad police produced Jameel Farooqui before the city court in the federal capital and sought three-day transit remand.

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FIA said that it would carry out further investigation into the case if the case is transferred to the agency.