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Monday, May 20, 2024

‘No one ready to change’: IHC laments lack of societal sympathy for animal kingdom

The Chief Justice IHC has said that if there is more sympathy for animals in society it will result in less 'heinous crimes.' He was presiding over the case of the death of animals in Islamabad zoo

Chief Justice (CJ) Islamabad High Court (IHC) Athar Minallah has remarked that if there is sympathy with the animals in the society, then molestation of children and rape cases will not occur. He made the remarks while hearing a case on Friday.

“Such crimes occur in a society wherein there is no value in life. Whosoever values life will do no harm to the animal. Whosoever cares for animals will take care of children and women too, and will not commit heinous crimes,” he reportedly said.

He made the comments during the hearing of a contempt of court case on the death of animals at a zoo. The court inquired about the elephants and bears. Chairman Wildlife Board Dr. Anis ur Rehman told the court the elephant was declared fully fit for traveling after inspection.

Previously, after the closure of the zoo was finalized, the wolves in the zoo were to be shifted to their newly-built cages in Ayub National Park in Rawalpindi, the fate of two bears and the lone elephant in the zoo in Islamabad was yet to be decided.

“New cages have been built for the wolves, and they will be shifted to the Ayub Park as soon as the government gives the final go-ahead. However, the government is still indecisive about where to shift the two Himalayan brown bears,” Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) Chairman Dr Anis Rehman had told Dawn.

The Austrian team of animal experts that had been consulted, had assessed that Kaavan that elephant was obese and terribly lonely, it also had needed foot care with could be sought in Islamabad.

The delay in permission to take the bears and the elephant out of the country was caused due to the government being unsure if it wanted to taint Pakistan’s image.

“The government is concerned that sending the animals to sanctuaries outside Pakistan brings a bad name to the country. No country would want to give animals to Islamabad zoo ever again,” he said.

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The CJ IHC remarked there was a need to change the mindset in the society. “The minds of the people can be changed through Hadiths. During this one and half years, it has come before the court that there is no sympathy at all in our society,” he said.

“Show the dramas of animals in theatres instead of showing the animals to the children in the zoo. The court has given this decision. Create sympathy in the children,” he added.

Chairman Wildlife Management Board told the court that preparations are being completed to send Kavaan, the elephant, to Cambodia. “No province took the responsibility to keep the beer. I am ashamed to say that we will have to send bears abroad. The lions were also in a dangerous situation in the zoo,” he noted.


“Corruption has increased to such a peak that animals fodder is being stolen. What will be more than this that no one is ready to change oneself?” the court said. The court-appointed Dr. Amir Khalil, an expert who has come from another country, as its amicus curiae. Dr. Amir Khalil has been summoned on Monday.

The CJ also remarked that it was cruel that animals such as the bear were meant to live in snowy areas and they are kept in dry and hot environments.

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The court directed Wild Life Board to extricate the animals from their troubles as first priority. We will then see the matter of court later. First of all end the distress of the animals. The court adjourned the hearing of the case till September 28.

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