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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Another child maid tortured in Pakistan’s Capital

Another child maid torture case has emerged in the Federal Capital on Saturday. A 12-year-old maid had been working with Raja Khurram Ali Khan and his wife for the past four years. The housemaid filed a complaint that she had been tortured with hot knives and leather belts with no time granted for her to visit her parents.

This is the second case that has been filed in Islamabad against the house owners regarding child maid abuse. On Friday night, the media published news of a 12-year-old being tortured by her employers.

Unfortunately, neither the government nor the judicial system of the country are taking up the responsibilities of ensuring that the rights of the people are protected. In 2016, Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan had a case filed against him for allegedly torturing his own domestic help.

The judge had allegedly been accused of torturing, 10-year-old Tayyaba who was working as a domestic helper to the household. His wife had argued that even though Tayyaba had been unable to meet her parents for a period of two years, thus causing her mental anguish, the girl had not been physically abused by her husband. The authorities were nevertheless, successful in recovering Tayyaba from the Judge’s house.

New case of brutality against a child maid

The current case involves a 12-year-old who was the target of brutality by her employers. The police have reported that the girl was initially sent for employment by her parents to Kharian district four years ago and had been recently posted to a posh area of Islamabad, at a house located in E-11.

The girl explained that the beatings had begun two months into her employment by Almas, the employer. Her son, Muhammed Ahmed, daughter Amna and another employee, Bashir had bashed the poor child on repeated occasions.  The brutality of the case can is simply evident from the statements which were given by the girl and her employers.

The girl reported to the police that on the 16th of March, Ahmed had informed his mother that she had not cleaned the house properly, to this she responded that she had done the work to the best of her abilities. This apparently, angered Ahmed and he not only placed burning iron rods on her arms and shoulders but lashed her with a belt as well. The underage employee further explained to the police that the cruelty did not end here. Amna, daughter to the defendant, slapped her repeatedly while her mother cut her hair off and strangled her.

Following another event of brutality by the owner, the girl sought refuge in the neighbor’s house who then informed the police. The police then jailed mother and son who were later let go on the basis of the offense being bailable.

The supreme court took notice of the previous case after the case different twists and turns were taken in the courts. With the father of the child retracting his statement about her abuse and then evidence coming out that he had been pressured.   Technically, the case should be handled by the supreme court without any delay especially after yesterday’s child abuse case has emerged.

Pakistan has in place child labor laws but these are not enforced, especially not in cases of domestic help. Where both the employers and the parents should be fined or taken into custody for employing children. The cases emerging are no doubt only very few compared to the actual numbers that are in such situations in the country. Time again cases have shown that in Pakistan, the rich have protection against the law and the poor have nowhere to turn for solace.