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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Another Pakistani, a Martial artist ‘smashes’ World record

With most of his records smashing or breaking apart things, the Pakistani has vowed to smash his way to 100 records but needs the government's support to do so.

The 32-year old founder and President of the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts broke the world record for most walnuts crushed with an elbow in a minute.

Rashid crushed 315 walnuts in a minute, breaking the previous world record of 279 held by an Indian. The effort will now be sent to Guinness World Records, who will review the record before approval.

Rashid held the world record twice. His first effort of crushing 195 walnuts in a minute was surpassed by the Indian martial artist Prabhakar Reddy, who smashed 229 walnuts at the time.

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Rashid reclaimed the record by crushing 256 walnuts in a minute, but his record was once again broken, this time by Reddy’s student, Sajeet Kumar, who smashed 279 walnuts in the allotted time.

Not only has Muhammad broken records this year, but he also trained his daughter, Fatima Naseem, to break a record too! She broke the record for the ‘most full contact elbow strikes in one minute using alternate elbows (female)’ with an incredible 242 on 16 August 2020. The feat is even more impressive as Fatima is only seven years old!

Many of Muhammad’s students have become record holders under his training. “I want my students proud to view me as a role model due to my Guinness World Records,” Muhammad said.

His protégés include Syed Taj Muhammad (Pakistan), who holds the record for the ‘most knuckle push-ups in one hour’ (2,175), and Mujtaba Hassan Mughal (Pakistan), who has the record for ‘most walnuts smashed with a nunchaku in one minute’ (118).

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Rashid Naseem wishes to take his tally to 100 records broken but has had to face financial issues due to covid, which has halted his progress. “I am unemployed for the last seven months due to COVID-19 but still I am setting world records for Pakistan,” he said.

“I have set 17 world records in 2020 and my aim is to register 100 records for Pakistan but if my financial situation does not improve, I may stop making records and no longer be able to serve Pakistan,” he added.

He urged the government to immediately turn their attention towards him to achieve 100 Guinness World Records for Pakistan.