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Monday, April 15, 2024

Another twist: Faryal Makhdoom reveals her pregnancy weeks after bitter split from Amir Khan

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Nothing can be more dramatic than the twist and turns that are happening in the lives of this couple; boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom. Weeks after the news of the split, Faryal Makhdoom on Saturday 26th June took to Twitter to inform about her second pregnancy.

The celeb couple is known for breaching the codes of the sanctity of their relationship. Here is the recap of the events that led to a thaw in their relationship and an ultimate split.

Earlier this month, the couple had a ferocious exchange of tweets when Amir Khan officially announced about the couple parting ways. Earlier, it was thought that the tweets are fake before Amir Khan released a video on Snapchat in which he owned his tweets.

In the tweets, he openly expressed his ire over Faryal’s alleged links with another boxing celeb Anthony Joshua.

And as expected by the alleged boxer, Anthony intervened in the story and tried to clear the mess.

Such tweets not only brought disgrace to Amir but now the world knows about the tensions that existed between the couple and the reasons which caused the split.

Amir Khan, however, faced huge criticism from his fans and followers alike for publicly humiliating his wife. Meanwhile, Faryal expressing deep resentment over Amir’s tweets opted not to directly reply to his tweet.

Instead, she publicly informed about enjoying her best time with her daughter, family, and friends despite parting ways with her husband, Amir Khan.

The controversy seemed to have finally ended but Faryal Makhdoom’s tweet about her pregnancy have once again made fans talk of the Amir-Faryal fiasco. Fans and followers are however anxiously waiting for boxer’s reaction on her tweet and are also anticipating for a patch up between the couple, about which the couple has remained silent for long.