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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Anupam Kher bashed for supporting Muslim genocide in Kashmir

Anupam Kher, veteran Bollywood actor, under fire for presenting his solution for the Kashmir issue through mass killings of unarmed Kashmiri civilians.

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Indian actor Anupam Kher confronted fiery remarks on social media from Pakistani and Indian Twitter users for advocating the intensification of Kashmir operation by the Indian government that is leading to precarious border situation between Pakistan and India on LOC.

Anupam Kher’s spiteful solution to Kashmir

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, the staunch proponent of Hindu nationalist government of BJP, lauded the Indian military’s heightened aggression in the region in his tweet and vouched for India’s tactic of solving Kashmir issue through acute coercion and genocide of thousands of Muslim Kashmiris.

In a fresh wave of insurgency, the Indian government has deployed additional 10,000 Indian troops in the disputed region of Kashmir implying for a massive lock-down in the valley, shutting down all sources of communication, while intensifying the abuse of its military power with the house arrest of local political leaders.


On Monday, Kher tweeted, “Kashmir Solution has begun.” His tweet irked the sentiments of thousands of Pakistani Twitter users who share brotherly relations with Muslim Kashmiris.


Anupam Kher, who himself hails from the mountainous valley, is a Kashmiri Pandit and have several times backed PM Modi’s policy of aggression in Jammu Kashmir. His wife Kiron Kher, a Bollywood actress, is a Member of Parliament from the party.

Reportedly, Kher had earlier stated “all the issues in the Valley will be resolved if Article 370, which provides special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir is abolished”. Anupam Kher is a prominent voice of war-mongering narrative of the Indian government and massively supported India’s recent provocations on LOC in February.

Social Media Reaction

Anupam Kher was targeted with extreme dissension on social media, where several commentators from within India, Pakistan, and globally, censured him and warned him of the consequences of the ‘final solution’ in Jammu Kashmir. Kher’s ‘final solution’ in Jammu and Kashmir implied for a wiping out of Muslim population, which currently dominates the territory.

In a retaliatory tweet, Kher reminded his critics of the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 and asserted it is the right time to ‘avenge’ the killings of Kashmiri pandits through Muslim genocide.

Thousands of Pakistani users were disillusioned with Kher’s scornful statement, and lamented supporting his work and pledged to boycott his movies from now on. Meanwhile, Pakistani celebrities stood in support of the Kashmiris brothers. They are slamming India’s abrogation of Article 370, which will revoke the Jammu Kashmir’s special status.

Many of the international commentator and celebrities disapproved Anupam Kher’s sinister tweet on the Indian government’s brutal treatment of thousands of Kashmiris and stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a modern personification of Hilter, the perpetrator of the genocide of millions of Jews.


Anupam Kher is an antagonist of Pakistan and Kashmir and has been observed fuelling hateful sentiments against minorities.


Twitter account hacked

In February, Anupam Kher’s account was hacked by Turkish hackers. The hacker allegedly made a series of Pro-Pakistan and Pro-Turkey tweets in Turkish from Kher’s account, and the message of ‘Love Pakistan’ appeared from all the three hacked accounts.

The hacker changed the actor’s Twitter handle from “AnupamPKher” to “AnupamPKherTC,” resulting in losing the blue-tick that signifies it as a verified account.

Another tweet from Kher’s account appeared that said:  “Your account has been hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyildiz Tim. Your DM correspondence and important data have been captured! I Love Pakistan.” The 12 million followers on Kher’s account were offended by the alleged pro-Pakistan tweets that appeared on the account.