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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Apple fails to market iPhone 14 Plus

In the same week that Apple held its "Far Out" event, preorders were open for all of the iPhone 14 models.

All of the iPhone 14 variants went up for preorder the same week as Apple’s “Far Out” event. It appears that demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is lower than that of the other models after over a week of being up for preorder.

Preorders for the most recent iPhone went live last Friday. It doesn’t appear like the iPhone 14 Plus will experience the same delivery delays as the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 Plus can still be delivered the same day, according to MacRumors. The lack of a projected delivery delay for the current model, in contrast to prior models, may indicate that there is little demand for the phone. The predictions made by Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo appear to be confirmed by this.

Kuo claims that demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is much smaller than it was for the iPhone 13 Mini last year. It’s not a good sign that the Plus essentially took the place of the Mini in this year’s lineup. This year, Kuo declared, “Apple’s product segmentation plan for standard models fails.”

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The iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t differ from the iPhone 14 in any way other than its 6.7-inch screen and slightly bigger battery. Practically speaking, it’s merely a larger version of the base model. The Plus, however, costs $100 more than the original model. Maybe size isn’t everything when it comes to what iPhone lovers desire from Apple, given the difficulties Apple had with the iPhone 13 Mini and what appears to be a similar scenario with the iPhone 14 Plus.