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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

APTMA demands immediate action to save textile industry

About $250 million of textiles exports were lost last month after mills in Punjab were forced to shut for 15 days starting from 15th December

Mr. Asif Inam, Chairman – All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, Southern Zone has demanded the government to save textile industry from heavy production and export losses as despite of government vision of higher priority of gas supply as compared to other industries, textile industry has to observe one day closure of gas supply resulting in delay in export shipments which is against priority and infringe their rights, as priority number 3 is being treated at par with priority number 4 and others which is causing daily production losses and delay in export commitments due to low gas pleasure and closure.

Chairman APTMA Southern Zone further reiterates that the government and gas supply companies without any consent of the textile sector have merged the export oriented sector having third priority in gas supply with other industries having fourth priority and also implementing one day gas closure in different industrial areas resultantly the textile industry is suffering production losses and delay in export shipments.

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Mr. Asif Inam urged the government and gas supply companies to provide gas first to export oriented industries including textile to run their mills without any disruption and fulfill their export commitments in time and then to other industries if they have enough gas supply.