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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

APTMA requests fertilizer industry to change color of polyester bags

APTMA Patron in Chief Mr. Gohar Ejaz wrote to the leading fertilizer manufacturers of Pakistan explaining to them why this is something that would bring positive change to the textile industry of Pakistan, and thus demanding their cooperation in this regard.

Patron in Chief APTMA Gohar Ejaz has written a letter to the major fertilizer manufacturing companies of Pakistan asking them to substitute the traditional white and transparent polyester bags with the colored Fluorescent bags for packing of fertilizers.

He argued that this step would prevent the problem of high nylon contamination of Pakistani cotton, which impacts the quality of yarn and by extension hampers the textile exports of Pakistan.

The letter came to light as APTMA took to Twitter to post the letter and the press release regarding the issue.

In the letter Mr. Gohar Ejaz addressed Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd, Engro Fertilizer Company, Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd, and Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd, explaining why this step is necessary for the betterment of the textile industry of Pakistan.

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Why is this needed?

The press release mentioned that the currently used polyester bags end up being used as shoulder bags for collecting lint cotton.

APTMA argues that due to the bags being white-colored or transparent, the polyester threads are mixed with cotton and are difficult to identify during the manufacturing process which increases the processing loss and lowers the quality of the manufactured yarns.

This poor quality cotton, in terms of its physical properties, not only increases the processing cost at the initial input and intermediate stages but also reduces the output and quality of the manufactured textiles, yarns, fabrics, and apparel.

Thus, by arranging fertilizer bags in a florescent color rather than white or transparent, the cotton industry would be helped in that the contamination may easily be identified and removed.

The press release mentions that the much-required cooperation by the fertilizer manufacturers is critical to enhancing the quality and value of the cotton to benefit the farmers, textile industry, and country’s economy.

Referring to other industries undergoing a similar practice, the APTMA document mentions that the grain markets and the sugar industry is also using white or transparent bags in large quantities.

The long-term solution proposed by the association is the establishment of market committees by the government to reflect upon this issue, which would make it easier to enforce the ban on white polyester bags.

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The press release lastly appealed to the polyester bag manufacturers in the industry to switch to fluorescent-colored bags.