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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Are we a failed state or a failed society?

According to Moied Javeed, no one can be called a hero in this country because the so-called big boys at that time sold their souls to perpetuate their powerful era. The state has not failed, the society has failed in general, the values have degenerated, norms have deteriorated, the culture of empathy and tolerance has also eroded, therefore we need a society that is based on principles, honesty and integrity.

Brave enough to get a bullet in your head for education, may one be genius to pioneer physics theories, may one make the poorest country nuclear weaponry, or may one give constitution and dignity after the lost war. The history was distorted, the fact was mutilated, falsified narrative sold to masses sometime in the guise of religion, sometime in the form of patriotism, or some time to protect the hideous crimes of high-headed all-knowing head honchos. Society is filled with people who are working on self-serving agendas therefore we are failing as a society.

All forget that even the cruelest of kings and Queens, the shrewdest of politicians and popes were not able to make history go their way. History corrects itself after thirty years to decide actual villains and heroes. History punishes the oppressor and the true winner gets the limelight. But then the only thing not learned from history is history itself.

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How long will the same mistakes be repeated?

How long will people sell the uneducated and ignorant narratives in the name of God and nationalism? Is it possible to fool people at this point in time when social media and Google provides all kind of information and various verdicts? Is it really possible to get away with falsified and fake stories and ideologies? How long will it be possible to keep the masses ignorant and uneducated?

The moment is not far enough when people will start questioning? When people will ask politicians do they know anything about legislation or would you be used as a dumb yes man? When people will ask bureaucrats, do you know about the industry whose policy you are making? When people will ask beard and attire are not good enough do you have any qualifications in theology? Or when people will ask how long will you keep using everyone as a rubber stamp to further your personal interest in the name of burning borders?  Or how long businessmen will keep seeking rents and keep storing monies outside this country in the name of smart thinking?

The time is running out, two generations have failed their children already and now this generation needs to come to term otherwise the baton passed to the next generation will be rusty and will break any time. The success seems in creating pressure groups, self-serving policies, necessitated justice or selling soul to the highest bidder. These eroded and decayed values are being handed over to innocent hands.

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The slightly educated who understand this ecosystem want their offspring to immigrate to the civilized world whereas the rich and successful want their offspring to learn this thuggery and become part of this erosion. The decay is so much visible in every area may it be sports, education, science, music, writings, or religious theology. May it be uprightness or may it be scruples. The question to be asked is this is what you want to hand over to your sons and daughters?

It’s time to overcome the temptations of being a sycophant

The very powerful and rich, the very arrogant and merciless have died in front of our eyes and no one remembers them, some are taking last of their breaths in hospitals, no one cares about them, age is relentless, dearth is inevitable at least for now. Its time to do something for the society, community and state, it is time to learn from civilized and happy states, it is time to think beyond sects, institutes, caste and creed, it is time to forego petty interests, it is time to stop being part of cartels, its time to call out a lawbreaker even if he is from your baradari or profession, its time for reformation and the reforms can only come from within the institutions.

It’s time to write the truth, it’s time to teach Philosophy and pluralism, it’s time to differentiate between secularism and atheism, it’s time to be forthcoming and enable the poor, it’s time to develop people and build a nation.

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Time is short, the world is developing fast. This is the time of social media and youth is addicted to consuming information. Youth is learning from our past mistakes, they are learning from our behaviors, they see us how to treat how we treat our heroes and how our hypocritic approach towards everything is creating darkness. If a path to enlightenment and truth is not taken, not only hard questions will be asked from the next generation rather children of lesser beings will never forgive!


Moied Javeed is a senior telecom executive in Pakistan and can be reached at mj@tptglobal.net. The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.