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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Armeena Khan calls out Maryam Nawaz for sharing food video

Actress Armeena Khan slams Maryam Nawaz for posting food pictures on her Twitter account when millions are dying of hunger in Pakistan.

She commented on the video of Maryam Nawaz preparing a food chat in the kitchen for Iftaar. Maryam Nawaz while sharing the video said ‘Iftar preps and what iftar without fruit chat! Sirf siyasat nahi kerte’.

Armeena Khan called out the PMLN’s politician Maryam Nawaz of sharing the video. One Twitter user commenting on Khan’s post asked her to stop spreading negativity. Replying to the Twitter user, Armeena Khan said,  “First of all, she didn’t prepare for that, I can tell you that. Just moving the spoon around is not food ‘prep’, those sleeves would be mucky. Also, she is anything but normal but whatever floats your boat or doesn’t.”

The actress countered trolls on Instagram as well. While she shared a basket of gifts she received for her daughter, an Instagram user slid into her DM and called her out for buying stuff for her daughter.  “Here a lot of people are dying and you’re buying more stuff for your kid?” said a user in the DM.

She shared the Instagram DM on her Instagram story with a message. “I’d like to draw attention to the fact that this is a gift. Also, nobody in my country is dying but millions in hers are starving/dying. Anyway, wishing you happy new brain cells,” said Armeena Khan.

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Another Instagram user called her out for becoming a ‘keyboard sympathizer’ and not actually helping people in Pakistan. If only I was contesting for your country’s politics, I’d have definitely come. And I would have done great work, at least better than what they’re doing,” she wrote, adding that it doesn’t make sense for anyone to compare a politician with an actor.