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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Arrest warrants issued for women who tortured Uzma Khan

Videos of women and armed men assaulting and harassing Uzma Khan went viral on social media. These videos prompted controversy on social media. An arrest warrant has been issued for three women today.

Hassaan Niazi has tweeted that arrest warrants have been issued for “women who broke into the house ‘tortured’ actor Uzma Khan. A Lahore judicial magistrate on Friday issued arrests warrants for three women who stormed into a house in Lahore’s DHA phase 6 where actress Uzma Khan and her sister were staying. This followed a social media outcry that nothing was being done and #Arrestambermalik was trending the whole day across Pakistan.

Arrest warrants issued for women who tortured Uzma Khan

Some Pakistani TV channels are reporting that Amna Malik has allegedly left the country.
Earlier on Wednesday Uzma Khan registered an FIR against two women reportedly daughters of Malik Riaz for assaulting her as seen in recent viral videos. The actress claims the women abused and shamed her publically. A first information report (FIR) of the incident nominated in the FIR include Riaz’s daughters Pashmina Malik and Ambar Malik, Amina Usman Malik (wife of Usman Malik), and 15 unidentified armed men — the private guards with whom the three women had entered the house seen in video clips.

Several videos of women and armed men assaulting and harassing Uzma Khan went viral on social media. These videos prompted controversy on social media. The details of the case began to surface as Twitter users heavily weighed in on the controversy.

Statement from Uzma Khan

In her FIR Uzma Khan claims that she will fight the case to get justice. “I have been shamed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past 3 days. I feel like I have nothing to lose now and I have decided to fight the strongest people of Pakistan,” she said in a statement. She said that either she will get justice or killed. However, she will not turn back.

“I will fight against daughters of Malik Riaz who stormed into my house around midnight with 12 gunmen.” She said she requested the police to register her FIR and conduct their medical examination before their wounds heal. She added that she hopes she is as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz.

What happened between Uzma Khan and Amna Usman?

Many videos of the incident show 2 women yelling at Uzma Khan and her sister. We can hear women accusing Uzma Khan of her illegitimate relations with her husband – Usman- who is the husband of Malik Riaz’s daughter Amna.

The women in the videos threw glass decoration pieces at Uzma Khan and her sister. Reportedly, the sister of Uzma Khan suffered injuries in the incident. Also, the armed guards of the women harassed and groped the two girls. The video of the incident also shows traces of blood on the floor.

The jarring videos stirred criticism against the business tycoon Malik Riaz and his daughters on social media. Social media users disapproved of the physical assault of actress and model Uzma Khan. A detailed discourse started on social media on the controversy. Social media users discussed the entire fiasco and gave their views on who is at fault- Amna, or the Uzma Khan.

The social media users demanded legal action against Amna for infraction of law and endangering the lives of people. Moreover, legal counsel Hassan Niazi and Khadija Siddiqui have taken up Uzma Khan’s case. Also, Uzma Khan announced to contact her legal counsel Khadija Siddiqui and Hassan Niazi for information on the case.

Statement of Amna Usman

Amna Usman released her video on social media to address the controversy. Her video came hours later after the videos went viral on social media. She offered her explanation and shed the light on the events that led to the unfortunate fiasco between her and Uzma Khan.

“Firstly, I’d like to add that my husband, Usman Malik has nothing to do with Malik Riaz Hussain, he’s not a part of his immediate family.” She called these campaigns to malign Malik Riaz. Amna added that this is a personal spat between Hassaan Khan Niazi and Malik Riaz Hussain.

She went on to add: “As far as barging into someone’s home is concerned, this was not their house. This was my husband’s other house which I followed him to, so, basically, this was my husband’s home and I have every right to be there.” Also, she said she had repeatedly warned this girl to stay away from her husband while trying to save her 13-year-long marriage.

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She added that she knows her husband is at the fault in the entire episode. However, she has now left him after she making many efforts to save her marriage all this time. Also, Lahore Capital City Police’s Officer Zulfikar Hameed confirmed receiving a complaint from Uzma Khan. The Police have registered an FIR following her request.