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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arrests Made in Underground Kidney Trafficking Ring

A gang involved in the act of illicit organ trafficking was successfully apprehended by law enforcement authorities.

the Satokatla Police have apprehended three members of a notorious gang involved in the illicit trade of human kidneys. The suspects, identified as Raza Masih, Liaquat, and Zulfiqar, were preying on vulnerable individuals in remote villages, enticing them with false promises of monetary rewards and job opportunities in exchange for their kidneys.

The victims, often impoverished and desperate, were then handed over to a certain Dr. Adil, who transported them to a farmhouse in Islamabad for kidney extraction. The gang, led by Masih, allegedly sold the harvested kidneys for exorbitant amounts ranging from Rs2.5 million to Rs5 million. Shockingly, the promised payments were not fulfilled in some instances, prompting one victim, Akram Rehmat, to report the gang to the police.

Investigations into the gang’s operations revealed a sinister modus operandi, where poverty-stricken residents, particularly brick kiln workers, were targeted. The gang exploited the dire circumstances of these individuals, using deceitful tactics to convince them to part with their vital organs. Operating under the guise of medical tests for job placements, the gang orchestrated over 90 illegal kidney transplants, revealing the extent of their criminal enterprise.

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Furthermore, it was uncovered that Dr. Adil played a pivotal role in facilitating the kidney extractions, transporting victims to the designated location in Islamabad. The financial transactions were orchestrated by Raza, who retained a commission and distributed the remaining amount among the victims. The arrests of the gang members were facilitated through thorough investigations, including the analysis of phone Call Detail Records (CDR) and other compelling evidence.

The magnitude of the organ trafficking operation became evident as over 90 victims came forward with their harrowing experiences. However, authorities anticipate that this number could surge as investigations progress. The arrested suspects, hailing from Raiwand and Thokar Niaz Baig in Lahore, were found in possession of victims’ identity cards and medical reports, providing crucial evidence for their prosecution.